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How's this for bad luck?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by PhatBoi5, Jun 19, 2001.

  1. My band has a Conversion van (1999 Ford-sweet) and we tote all the gear in a 5x8 trailer. I usually stick all the cabs in first and then the other stuff. Well, for a gig we had to rent a PA so we had to pack the trailer in an extra compact fashion. So here's the funked up part. I didnt have the front of my SWR 212 facing the wall but facing the drummers trap bag. Getting ugly isn't it. Anyway the top of his high hat stand punched a hole in his bag and right thru the cone of my innocent lil cab. :( right on the large, flat area of the cone. Small, about the size of a pencil punched into it. Too bad for me huh. I just put some Ohio chrome (Duct Tape) over the cone and played thru it anyway. Has this ever happen to anybody??? How long do I have until the speaker totally rips?
  2. hammong


    Apr 11, 2001
    Sparks, Maryland
    Most of the stress in the cone is between the voice coil and the "surround" or outer edge of the paper cone. If the hole is poked directly through the center of the dust cap - you should be ok almost indefinitely!

    If you get a tear/hole/rip between the voice coil and the edge, it may completely tear a concentric ring all the way around the speaker, or a big tear from the center outward at almost any time.

    If your speakers are expensive -- you can probably send it back to the manufacturer and have it re-coned. The most expensive part of the the speaker is the frame (if cast) and the magnet assembly. Most BIG speakers are designed to be re-coned in the field using a cone replacement kit.


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