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How's your Cafe Walter been treating you?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Brad Maestas, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Brad Maestas

    Brad Maestas Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 26, 2003
    Oakland, CA
    I just wanted to get some owner's opinions on Cafe Walter headphone amps, especially if you've had it for a while now. As soon as I got mine, I noticed an intermittent hum when I used the external power supply. When I fiddled with the PS connection on the back of the unit, the hum would disappear and reappear. It seems like the barrel (sleeve) of the PS jack is not making proper contact with the PS input on the unit. I can eventually get it to go away so it's not too big of a deal in the immediate future. I've tried the unit in different buildings and with different cables, etc. and it definitely seems to be a poor-fitting power supply. Anyone else have this problem?

    Also, are any of your units microphonic? I first noticed it when I unplugged my bass from the unit while the gain was up. The whole chassis became microphonic and the input jack seemed to be the source. Then when I plugged the bass back in I noticed that the cable and the pickups then became microphonic. I realize that this will happen to some degree according to how high the preamp gain is but I'm just wondering whether anyone else has experienced this phenomenon with their units. Other than that, I've been very happy with it. Couldn't ask for more gain or a clearer, more revealing sound!

    BTW, I got it over Christmas. Because these issues, to me, are non-critical and because my schedule for the last month and a half has been pretty crazy, I was more interested in getting opinions here before I bothered the manufacturer and/or the retailer about it.
  2. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    No issues at all with mine.
  3. Although mine is an older model without the external power option it has performed flawlessly. I'd shoot Walter an email about what you are experiencing.

  4. fretlessrock

    fretlessrock Supporting Member

    Aug 8, 2002
    I'd contact Walter. I have been using mine almost every day for over a year and it has been automatic. Aside from replacing batteries every once in a while I never think about it.
  5. pickles

    pickles Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 23, 2000
    Ventura, CA
    Mine is perfect. Use it every day, and love it to death. Mine is about 6 months old and has the AC adapter.
  6. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    Love mine. Have been using it almost daily, but with batteries, since I got it. Haven't used the power supply yet. I'm preferring it to my Raven Labs PHA-1.
  7. Brad Maestas

    Brad Maestas Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 26, 2003
    Oakland, CA
    Thanks, guys! Email en route.