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    ok, i am using frames, and i ahve 3 of them

    one going across the top, a left one, and a right one

    there are links in the left frame

    when i click the link, a bio of the person will appear in the right frame, and pictures in the top

    i need the tag line that will enable me to do this

    (i have everything made i just need to write the tagline for the link)
  2. Ok, say you have this:

    [FRAME NAME="topFrame" SCROLLING="NO" noresize SRC="frames/top.html" ]
    [FRAME NAME="MAIN" SCROLLING="AUTO" SRC="frames/home.html" ]
    [FRAME NAME="navFrame" SCROLLING="NO" noresize SRC="frames/bottom.html" ]

    [ or ] = < or >

    And you want something in, say, the bottom frame to open in the main frame....Use:

    [a href="imcool.html" TARGET="main"] I'm SO Cool [/a]

    The target (main) is specified in the link tag. FRAME NAME="MAIN" being a reference point in your index.html allows it to open within your "main" frame.

    EDIT: The ...FRAME NAME="MAIN"... could be ...FRAME NAME="RIGHT"... in your instance. This would require your links to the right frame to be:
    [a href="imcool.html" TARGET="right"] I'm SO Cool [/a]