- new demo online now!

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    Finally we've got our live demo finished and the web site is live!!!!!

    I'd really appreciate some feedback... please let me know what you think as people who buy music, people who see bands live and, last but not least, as bass players!

    Really I just wanna know: what do you think of the music? would you come and see us live? ...and would you buy it if it was on indy/general release?
  2. Surely it's not so bad that nobody can bear to lie to me about it!?
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    OK, so it either must be really bad or no-one can be arsed?

    So I'm spamming myself to get the thread back to the top.

    Sad really.
  4. OK dude, I took pity on you ;) and listened to the first song. Not bad.. good groove, cool bass line. The tune sounded good on my little computer speakers, if that's any help!
  5. Well I'm not a music critic or a heavy metal fan, but I am a bass player who sees about 50 bands a year so heres my take, You and your drummer are on;) your guitar player plays the standard 3 chord death metal riffs over and over and puts me to sleep, and your singer is not horrible but his mic is way to loud on blackseafire. That's just my take I don't want to offend but I am just being honest, but like I said I don't like metal and I would probabley give a similar review to black sabath :eek:
  6. From someone who doesnt like metal I think that's a compliment!!!

    Yes, his 3 chord metal riffs are repeative - good news for a bass player - means i get to branch out and add a little melody & groove.

    Personally, I don't really like metal either!!!!
    Strange that I'm in a metal band at all really.
    I'm into funk, hard-rock, rap, hip-hop, jazz, rock, drum & bass - almost everything... but not metal!

    Absolutely no offence taken. I asked for opinions and I'll happy to have them, whether I like them or not, they're still very valuable.

  7. I downloaded Blackseafire. I'm not really a metal guy either, but you guys are certainly talented. I think some of the drummer's hi-hat stuff in the beginning was a little off, but the rest of the groove is tight, and your distorted tone cuts really well. I'm pretty neutral on the guitar player; but I think that what he's doing is about right for the song. Anyway, thanks for letting us have access to your music and good luck!
  8. morality man- reminds me kinda like a Deftones (adreniline)type riff... i swear... i've heard that riff before. The first part (was that a chorus or verse) was quite heavy, but then suddenly, when it switches riffs, it suddenly gets super thin... kinda odd. Good song though.

    Steal Ahead- Reminds me of GodSmack... kinda, not as much as the other one of godsmack. I liked this song better, simply because there wasnt that weird switch between super heavy, and light/thin type of sound between riffs.

    Black Seafire- Really reminds me of Deftones... (White pony), the intro does anyways. This song kinda reminds me of CKY, but not quite medolic as CKY.

    Nice tight sound... not really a fan of your singer though...
  9. Yes, morality man is a bit thin on the chrous... On the recording I play the riff up on the 10th fret... since hearing the recording I've pulled it right down to D on the B string - it's now fatter. That was my biggest problem with it too - otehr than the bass tone being a bit too 'jazzy'.
    The riff you've heard before is a blatant, but 100% unintentional rip off of a nirvana riff.

    BlackSeaFire are my first proper gigging band, so I'm keen to get as much feed back as possible - to learn.

    cheers again.