Huge crack in neck, please help me fix it.

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  1. yeah, my peavey cirrus 4 has a crakc in the headstock. It has developed right on the tuning key for the g string and if it were not for the graphite, i would have no g string. i was just thinking some wood glue followed by a c clamp then when that is dry take a steel plate and screw it on over the crack and hope that does the job. should that work, or should i do something else? keep in mind, i want to spend as little money as possible.

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    Is the bass under warranty? Even if it is not, I would call Peavey anyway. They have great customer service, and I know of at least 1 occasion where a Cirrus was out of warranty and developed a crack, and Peavey made good on it.
  3. Embellisher has the right approach. Do this first! IF this doesn't pan out, I have some suggestions but I'm not going to make them public until you've exhausted the factory route.

    I don't want folks thinking it's a common thing to just slap a repair on a graphite neck.

    BTW, the wood glue route is absolutely the WRONG thing to do and will affect any subsequent attempt to fix it by a skilled craftsman.
  4. thank you for the input. i will call peavey customer service right when i get home from school and post about what is going on with that.

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