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Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Bass Amps, Strings, & Accessories' started by beingbecoming, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. I am planning on moving and honestly I'm tired of lugging all of this music around with me. Some of it is brand new but mostly no writing in anything. I will be slowly adding orchestral scores to a new thread.

    I will ship all orders media mail unless you want to pay the extra for priority.

    Stephen Jablonsky "Ancietn Lyric Tune" for Solo String Bass (dedicated to John Patitucci) $3.00
    Michael Hovnanian "Nietzsche Contra Wagner" Grand Duo for Bassoon and Double Bass $6.00
    Hofmeister Concerto in D Hofmeister Musikverlag ed. Thomas Schicke and Stephan Schwotzer $18.00
    Joseph Haydn Symphonie No. 6 Le Matin Bass Part Kalmus $4.00
    G.F. Händel Der Messias Bass Part Kalmus $8.00
    Essential Elements 2000 plus DVD Double Bass Book 1 $3.00
    Subterranean Solos for the Double Bass $4.00
    Dittersdorf Konzert Edition Schott $15.00
    Dittersdorf Concerts (I and II) Yorke edition ed. Rodney Slatford $25.00
    Belwin Course for Strings Orchestral Bowing Etudes by Samuel Applebaum Bass $3.00
    J.S. Bach Suite II BWV 1008 ed. Paul Ellison $10.00
    Beethoven Symphonie No. 9 Bass Part Kalmus $8.00
    Beethoven Symphonie No. 5 Bass Part Kalmus $4.00
    Beethoven Symphonie No. 3 Bass Park Kalmus $8
    Bottesini Elegia in Re Ricordi $5.00
    Mozart Symphonie 40 bass part Kalmus $4.00
    Vivaldi Concerto in F Major ed. Rabbath $8.00 $7.00
    Frank Proto Concerto No. 3 Four Scenes after Picasso $13.00
    Frank Proto A Carmen Fantasy $14.00
    George Vance Vade Meccum $8.00
    Teppo Hauta-aho Hommage à G. Rossini for cello and bass. score plus two VERY large performing parts to accommodate page turns. Special packing necessary. $23.00

    We can figure out shipping depending on number of items. Thanks!
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    Dec 18, 2011
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  3. Updated, including a few pieces where someone backed out.
  4. Rabbath books still available, koch backed out!
  5. Joshua Harrison

    Joshua Harrison

    Jun 18, 2013
    Dibs on Rabbath book 3, please. Paypal ok?
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  7. I have updated what has sold... still lots of great music for sale!
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  9. Updated again...
  10. Spend more than 100$ and I will now ship for free!
  11. Reduced Prices.. lots of great music left!
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  16. Last chance before they are donated to the local university library
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