Huge overseas relocation in 4 months... Couple basses, racks and a cab...

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  1. DaRQsiDe


    Jan 17, 2008
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Hi everyone,

    I will be moving from USA back to Turkey in 4 months and I have lots of equipment I will be carrying with me (since if I sold them and tried to buy them from Turkey, I would be paying AT LEAST twice the price in the US). I have like 5 basses, 8-space worth of rack eq, and a 212 cab that I will be hauling.

    1- Can you recommend an ATA case builder that will do good quality work cheap (This is for the cab and a little extent for the racks)?

    2- How would you ship your basses? In it's original hard case, sticking clothes and such to fill the empty spaces? Or get individual flight cases for each of them?

    Again, selling and rebuying is not an option, will cost way more than I will be paying for shipping...

    I am open to all opinions, I will be greatly appreciating any input :)

  2. FerK

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    Dec 11, 2011
    If you're moving furniture, just have the moving company wrap the hard cases in thick blankets and make sure you declare the brand, model, serial number and value of each bass in the insurance form. If you're checking all that gear as'll be spending a fortune. I'm guessing around 120 to 150 dollars per piece, plus excess weight for the cab and racks. I'll take a wild guess at 2000 dollars.

    Alternatively you can either freight it all in a nicely built wood cage on a pallet, which would cost you under 1000 bucks for the whole thing, insured and all...door to door. Or have a specialized firm do it: these guys seem to offer the same service. is kind of expensive.