Huge pedal sale!

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  1. Hello everybody! I used a picture of my entire pedalboard for convenience but everything in the photo is NOT for sale. I have listed everything for sale along with prices below. If you want close up pictures of any pedals your interested in just ask and I would be more than happy to take additional photos. All pedals have velcro on the back. All pedals are in fantastic condition and I have all the original packaging for most of them.

    [DEL]-Colorsound/Sola Sound Tonebender-235$[/DEL]SOLD
    [DEL]-Boss BF-2 Flanger - 45$[/DEL]SOLD
    [DEL]-Eventide Pitchfactor - 340$[/DEL]SOLD
    [DEL]-Ernie Ball VP JR25K -45$[/DEL]SOLD
    [DEL]-Boss GEB-7 - 65$[/DEL]SOLD
    [DEL]-VFE White Horse Compressor - 95$[/DEL]SOLD
    [DEL]-Proco Turbo Rat - 45$[/DEL]SOLD
    -Pigtronix Class A Boost - 75$

    Not really interested in many trades. I would trade for a Malekko Diabolik, Zvex Basstortion, or a Team Awesome Fuzz Machine. No other trades. + or - cash depending on trades. Thanks everybody!:)

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  2. Tonebender Guts

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  3. Pitchfactor, White Horse, and EQ are all sold! Price drop on the rest!
  4. Ukiah Bass

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    May 10, 2006
    PM sent on the -Ernie Ball VP JR25K -45$
  5. TerribleLiar23

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    Oct 11, 2011
    How old is the Rat?
  6. I bought it new about a year and a half ago. I have the original box etc.
  7. Everything is gone except for the Booster. Somebody buy this and let me close this thread :)
  8. bump for the booster!