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Huh. Who'd thought you could settle G.A.S. with common sense and rational thought?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by dryheatbob, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Well. After deciding I HAD to have a EB3L clone, off I went looking for the best bass for the buck. Looked at this, looked at that, passed on the Epiphones I saw- they just didn't feel well built or wowed me with their sound. Juuuust missed out on a Ibanez late '70s clone. Then along comes a Dillion copy, and it seemed really nice, but I wanted to play one before taking the plunge.

    About the same time, I discovered Schecter made a nice SG type bodied bass(SB-1), with the same pups and electronics as in their Elite series basses. Nirvana! I really liked the sound of the elites, but since I'm after something a bit more classic looking, I didn't want to buy one.

    Then luck turns out to be on my side. Or so I thought.

    A local store has a Dillion EB copy and a used SB-1!

    so off I go...

    ... and into one of the hardest choices I've had to make, basswise.

    The Dillion was just outstanding, equal in build quality to anything near its price range and dare I say above it. It felt nice to play, had a great feeling neck, balanced nicely and looks awesome. Nice range of tones out of the pups, too. I was really starting to get all warm and fuzzy for this thing, but no. Gotta go try the Schecter.

    And I couldn't stand the damned thing. No matter how I tried I couldn't get it to sit comfortably in my lap, and the neck dive was so bad standing up I started wondering if there was a chunk of iron attached to the headstock and a big ol' magnet imbedded in the floor of the music shop.

    It's saving grace was its' sound. Side by side, it just blew the Dillion away.

    Damn. I'm fairly new to bass(been at it a little over two years)- shouldn't I still be making gear choices based on it's cool factor and what the salesman wants me to buy? When did I develop an ear and taste for certain tonal qualities?

    So I left without either and a nasty dilema on my hands. Looks or sound? Looks or sound? Looks or... eh you get the picture.

    Later that night, as I was perusing everybodys favorite bass site, it occured to me. I guess I did make a decision.

    So off to Ebay I go in search of what my soul told me I needed instead of what my heart said it wanted.

    And I could be happier that a pig in s***!!!

    Got a great(I think) deal on a Schecter Stilletto Elite 4, including an old hardcase with the handsomest sock handle I've ever seen. Seriously. Guy broke the handle and replaced it with a sock. Myguyver material if there ever was one.

    Mahagony body/figured maple top, maple/walnut lami neck thru with nice cream binding. Not the looker a EB3 is, but daaaang! I'm not missing not having one!


    Well, crude. I was gonna attach some photos in that blank spot above, but I can't find the flipping things on my computer. Guess I'll do it in the morning when the missus gets up and can show me where they are. Here's the ebay auction pix for now.