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Hum & buzz issues that morph in each venue

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by JazzCrazy, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. JazzCrazy

    JazzCrazy Banned SUSPENDED

    Mar 25, 2018
    Joshua Tree
    I have an unfretted Squier DJAV bass that had it's old, cheap active preamp & ceramic pickups replaced with passive 250k Volume, Blend & tone controls, and also Carvin JVA pickups. Because the Squier DJAV came with active electronics there seems to be a visible factory layer of silver shielding paint

    At home through my G&K MB800 Fusion head, & Markbass 122 Ninja cabinet my neck pickups hum to an unacceptable extent. The bridge pickup's dead quiet. If I touch the disconnected toggle switch the neck pickup becomes as quiet as the bridge pickup. This also happens when I touch the amp head. My technician blames faulty ground wiring in my trailer. However, my Marcus Miller bass doesn't do the same. It's very quiet. If my trailer had ground issues both basses would hum (wouldn't they?)

    At my technicians house (where he says that he has an unresolved ground issue with its wiring, both pickups are a bit noisy but it's a higher pitch hum & not the same. Touching the toggle switch doesn't stop the hum at all. At my tech's house, even a nearby fluorescent light exacerbates the issue. At my place fluorescent lights don't matter.

    To demonstrate there's nothing wrong with the way he hooked it up, my tech bypassed the pots & you could hear plenty of noise, particularly with the fluorescent work light on. So the issue might be the pickups themselves or the barrel output jack. My tech was dissapointed in the quality of those Carvin JVAs, saying (as he tapped them) they're too microphonic.

    I still don't understand why just my neck JVA pickup acts up at home & what tondo about it (other than replacing the neck pickup with a real Fender, which I did send away for)

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