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  1. So I just recently put a set of LaBella Black Tapes on my American Standard Jazz Bass and absolutely love them. The only thing is that I am now hearing a hum whenever I'm playing. I've read about Tapes causing grounding issues. I've placed my hand and some metal strings on the bridge and around the input jack and the hum stops. Currently my bass still has the stock pickups on it. Any advice on what I need to do in order to fix this issue?
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    Umm the tape is plastic so it insulates the metal core of the strings from grounding when touched.

    Shield the cavities and live with the result if you continue using tapes.

    Humbucking jazz pickups will help.
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    96tbird is correct, shielding will stop the humming that you hear when you touch metal. Humbucking pickups will do nothing for this, they help with 60hz hum. 60hz is the hum you hear when one pickup receives less volume than the other, touching metal/bridge/strings has no effect on this hum.
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    I've heard tale, but have never actually witnessed, players who have said they use a grounding strap from the bridge to some skin somewhere on their body.