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For Sale Human Base - The Base - Custom: 5-string/ Headless HL / 36" / Piezo

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by VicTorVic, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. VicTorVic

    VicTorVic Supporting Member

    Jun 10, 2011
    The Hague, Netherlands
    Currency (EU and Intl):
    My Location:
    Ships to::
    • Worldwide
    • United States
    Attention: I am located in The Hague, Netherlands. Full shipping and insurance costs on the buyer. You need to take care of any import formalities to ship this to your country. (Shipping costs by UPS Worldwide Standard are around 100EUR/115USD)

    I am reducing my bass collection and selling most of my high-end basses. This is a custom headless bass from Human Base based on The Base model (Human Base Instruments) I am the second owner. (original price: 3500 euros)

    • Macassar ebony top
    • 3 piece through maple neck (with ebony veneers)
    • Ebony fretboard (24 frets)
    • ETS bridge (accepts normal strings)
    • Haeussel pickups (with series/parallel/single coil switch for each pickup) with macassar ebony covers
    • Richter piezo pickup, preamp and mixer (RICHTER ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING)
    • Human base 3 band 9V preamp (controls top: piezo blend, pickups blend, vol-push/pull active/passive, 3-band eq)

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  2. Jhamar


    Nov 25, 2008
    Do you still have this bass? I am interested depending on what shipping to the US costs. Please let me know
  3. VicTorVic

    VicTorVic Supporting Member

    Jun 10, 2011
    The Hague, Netherlands
    Hi, it is still available. please provide a US postcode and I can check the shipping costs.