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Human BaseX.oc4 - Sunburst - Mostly Like NEW

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by nonconformist, May 18, 2011.

  1. These basses come and go for sale here, and many users tend to rescind the listing a few days after realizing how much they love the bass. I certainly hope I am not another one of them, but this bass is truly excellent.

    The long story short is this: A boutique German bass luthier decides to make a 'cheaper' line by using German electronics, Korean parts, with final fit and finish in Orange County, CA. A truly international instrument.

    The complete specifications: BaseX.oc5 5 String Bass

    4 string, great attempt to combine the qualities of neck-thru with a bolt-on (see pics), Delano MM pickups at middle and bridge positions.

    Swamp ash body, hard maple neck.

    Active and passive with push/pull on volume, GLOCKENKLANG 3-band cut/boost EQ, and series/parallel switch

    The neck profile is thin front-to-back, and about Rick/P-bass width string-to-string.

    Just restrung it with DR Sunbeams in Medium gauge. Some of the plastic still remains on the plastic/truss covers!

    The two things that make it 'used'
    1. Tuner for the E string is slightly loose - not sure why. It works fine, but rattles slightly when not strung and may need a replacement down the line
    2. There is some wear under the G string from slap and modern playing styles. The swamp ash, while gorgeous, does wear slightly easily from nails. I would imagine that it could be covered up/repaired pretty cheap by a luthier if a little 'mojo' isn't your thing. It is visible in the attached pics.

    It will ship CONUS included in a price of $845.00 OBO (not exactly sure how these price..), with a gig bag and nice and snug in original (or similar) box. Tracking and insurance included. TRADES would also be entertained - and I am pretty open, so send suggestions my way. I am looking for something pretty classic (a la Fender/Lakland), sounding and looking, if possible.

    I am selling because I am moving to a new job and really need money to relocate/start life in my own apartment. Music is important to me, but I can get by with a cheaper instrument...

    For pictures: https://picasaweb.google.com/110911...?authkey=Gv1sRgCOPvhantybOQUQ&feat=directlink

    Additional Resources, including pics:

    A written review of the exact model: MusicPlayers.com: Reviews > Bass > Human Base USA BaseX.oc4

    Here is a great review of the 5 string variant: YouTube - ‪Human Base 5 String‬‏
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