SOLD Humboldt Magellan Dynamic Overdrive

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    The Magellan is an extremely dynamic hi-gain overdrive which allows you to go from slightly overdriven sounds, even with the gain knob in higher positions, to a fuzzy and raw dirt sound just with your picking dynamics!

    Kind of a rare bird, Id call it a TS-based circuit with a mid bias / boost control, interacts nicely w/ your playing dynamics and has a lot of range, this is a REAL overdrive pedal not a distortion or fuzz. I have another OD that sounds almost identical so off it goes.

    humboldt_magellan_01.jpg humboldt_magellan_02.jpg humboldt_magellan_03.jpg humboldt_magellan_04.jpg humboldt_magellan_05.jpg humboldt_magellan_06.jpg humboldt_magellan_07.jpg humboldt_magellan_08.jpg

    No trades please, PayPal or Venmo, shipping included, DM w/ questions, thx
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