Humbucking convertion

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  1. After playing with bad pickups and the amp humming for about a year i have finnally got sick of my pickups and ive decided that im going to convert my passive pickups to humbuckers. I would like to know some good passive humbucking pickups that wont cost a fortune, and how much the whole job would roughly cost. Also my bass aint all that grand and i was wondering whether it would make that much difference to the tone.

    Im pretty sure the two pickups are P pickups

    Thanks :bassist:
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    P pickups are humbucking.

    If they are two pickups together, one covering the E and A string and the other the D and G it is a P, and humbucking.

    If they are completely seperate pickups they might be J or something else like soapbar. J aren't humbucking normally, but you can get humbucking versions.

    This is a P, and humbucking:


    This is a J, and single coil: