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humbucking single coils - Roscoe Beck

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by mike_odonovan, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. I recently posted a message on a pickup builders site asking what they thought the downsides to stacked single coil jazz pickups.

    i am sick of that age old jazz bass hum problem.


    but i want the sound!

    one guy suggested i just stick two jazz bass pickup side by side.


    now i know that the roscoe beck signature bass has this idea.

    any thoughts from users or those experieced with this axe?

    also do you know if they are like really specially designed?

    so if I try and do it on my bass i am going to run into big problems? :confused:
  2. I owned an RB5. The pickups are Bill Lawrence designs, and humbucking only when both coils are active. Each RB5 pickup can be single coil, series (pair) or parallel (pair). The coil pairs are front/back, not stacked. In single coil mode, the RB5 hums like any other Jazz bass. If you run Neck + Bridge in single coil, no hum, because they are wound opposite (like a standard Jazz).

    If you want Jazz pickups without the hum, get DiMarzio Model J or the Ultra Jazz types. These are split (side by side) and not stacked. They operate the same way the P bass does, and still provide single coil tone, but without the hum. Very important for Bridge-solo work.

    DiMarzio is a big fan of series/parallel wiring, so all their pickups come with 4 wires to provide for this. I do this with my DiMarzio DP146 on my P bass.
  3. bartolini jazz pickups are very quiet and also are 'P' design in a jazz shell.
    which i have... but not sure if they really are 'single coil' as far as tone goes
    a stacked design will be..
    2 jazz single coils side by side = music man pickup
    the jazz sound i think is from the spacing
  4. 1964


    Mar 26, 2002
    Too Close To Hell
    Bill Lawrence J-45's.
  5. I had an hour's interview with Bill Lawrence last year, where he explained the difference between the P and J pickups.

    The P has short coils, large magnets, very efficient, low flux leakage.

    The J has tall skinny coils, narrow magnets, less efficient, higher flux leakage.

    The DiMarzio side-by-side design is not a humbucker. It is a hum-cancelling design for single coil pickups.
  6. That is not correct. There is no single coil parallel mode.

    Link to RB5 Control Usage

    The RB5 has one single coil mode, and two humbucking modes. The Series and Parallel modes are both humbucking, and use both halves of the pickup. The Single Coil mode uses only the Neck side of the pickup.

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