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  1. Rorschach


    Feb 27, 2004
    Hi Everybody!
    I got a few Problems and i hope somebody can help me.

    Im planning to build a humbucking bass and i want the g&l 2000 pu`s. Where can i get them? Can they be ordered somewhere?
    Or is there a good alternative?
    Also im wondering if somebody knows if they work passiv properly(im simply not a friend of active electronics).

    I planned to make this thing on the bassis of a Jazz Bass:
    2 volume knobs (one for every pick up) and one tone knob. In adition a 3way switch for every pick up (a coil selector: Bridge/Humbucking/Neck)

    What do You think of this idea, is it possible without a great amount of money?

    Please Rock on
  2. JPJ


    Apr 21, 2001
    Chicago, IL
    I'm not sure if you can get the G&Ls, but if not, but Lindy Fralin and Carey Nordstrand make excellent humcanceling singlecoils. I've yet to year the Fralins (hopfully will hear them soon), but I was extremely impressed with the set of Nordstrand NJ4SEs that came in a Nordstrand NJ Deluxe 4-sting I had in recently. SMASH did an excellent review of several sets of pickups in a thred here in the forum, and Beefbass just did a pickup review as well...scroll down a half-dozen threads or so and you'll find it. There may be others who also make a similar pickup, but if you're looking for a vintagey, fenderesque single coil sound without the hum, buzz, and 60 cycle noise, these two guys are probably your best bet for killer tone. Hope that helps. :)