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  1. ZenG


    Dec 13, 2013
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    Is it worth buying one of those humidity meters?

    Humidity is a factor affecting the woods used to build the bass.....

    Are there critical points of concern as to the humidity level at any given period throughout the year?

    Is there a "normal" zone?

    Is a place that has fluctuating humidity harder on guitars than a place that is (a) dry all the time ....or (b) high humidity all the time?
  2. I have one in my basement and try to keep the room between 45 - 50%.

    I have been told it's acoustics and hollowbodies that are most susceptible to fluctuations. I notice it in the action when the humidity goes outside of my desired range.

    My local guitar shop has four humidifiers running 24/7 right now because of this really cold dry weather we've been having here in Ontario.
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    I have a remote meter inside of my Martin acoustic so I can monitor the temp and humidity without opening the case it's around 51% inside the case.