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  1. Gang,

    having issues with my basses (Fender MIJ and 5 string EBMM Bongo fretless) and hoping someone has some suggestions.

    been working on my solo recording project and since I'm primarily a bassist, I spend much more time on the other instruments when tracking. often, the guide/scratch track that I lay down for bass is good enough.

    back in May, I took my two basses to my local tech, had them completely setup with new strings, intonation, etc. laid down a few bass tracks then spent almost two months cutting guitars, vox etc.

    few days back I go back to do some more bass and both are pretty much shot -- string buzz, necks, the whole shebang. I can only imagine the two straight months of 90% humidity had something to do with it.

    What are my options? I'm *this close* to just biting the bullet and learning how to do the setup, intonation, truss adjustment etc myself, but given that my time is at a premium (and I'm notoriously lazy), I'd rather not spend time futzing with my gear and more time recording. but spending $40/bass every time I need my basses ready to play... I just don't have the cash.

    Is there something I can do to mitigate the effects of humidity? I never put my basses in their case; they're always on my stand, ready to play. would storing them in their case help, even a little?

    Should I quit being a pansy and learn to do my own setup? Buy a dehumidifier? Are there replacement trusses that can alleviate this?

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    Sitting down with a guide such as the stickies at the top of this forum will take less time than taking it down to a tech and then waiting or going back to pick it up.
    All your bass likely needs now, if it was set up correctly to your liking before you set it aside, is a truss tweak. Loosen the truss one eighth turn and see how it is. If still buzzing, give it another eighth. That should put you back where you began.