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Hurray for Dressing Rooms!

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by TheDarkReaver, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. TheDarkReaver

    TheDarkReaver Banned

    Mar 20, 2006
    Lincolnshire, UK
    so for the first time in my gigging life we got a dressing room. w00t!

    it was brilliant. we were playing a BotB at Newcastle University student's union, in the second room, and we got to use the dressing rooms there. we had to share with another band but it was pretty damn good all the same. the place came with a stocked min-fridge of red bull and another with water and beer. never before have i had a more pleasant experience as this playing gigs. it made us feel like a proper band. plus i used the same toilet as used by some of the bigger names in the business, i think the likes of Korn, alexisonfire and many others have been in there.

    also, i feel drinking 7 or 8 cans of red bull before a set really adds to your stage presence.

    the gig was filmed for itv as well. so any of you people in the north of england check out the local programming on itv in the next week or so. i believe it's also going to be on the tyne and tees part of http://www.itvlocal.com. so everyone should go check it out when it's up :hyper:


    p.s: we didn't win though, but i think we came 3rd. not too bad really. there were some really good bands on.
  2. bassaficionado6

    bassaficionado6 Something about gumption

    Jan 7, 2008
    Napa, CA
    Were their slices of meat properly sized to the bread they provided?
  3. dreadheadbass


    Dec 17, 2007
    ha ha yeah we've had a few gigs with a backstage (academy 3 etc) its a great feeling chilling out with the bands and your band mates before going on stage it really helps you physc yourself up before going on

    one gig we played in sheffield had a backstage that was just within earshot of the stage so you could hear the crowd going mad which was an ace booster
  4. Wee, you peed at the same spot as Korn did! Can I get your autograph?
  5. c_joseph_lier


    Aug 7, 2007
    Look, in 'ere, there's a little guy, and in this one, 'ello, no one there ... see what i mean? ... okay, exibit A!
  6. There was this place we played in Green Bay- it was cool, they actually had a real dressing room, with a bathroom. There was grafitti all over all the walls of the dressing room- in one spot, there was something that read something like:

    "I heard Green Bay had a professional football team- Bun E. Carlos."
  7. LumpyGravy

    LumpyGravy Guest

    May 8, 2002
    If not, was Stonehenge life size?
  8. LumpyGravy

    LumpyGravy Guest

    May 8, 2002
    We had a refrigerator with Red Bull ,Corona and water. I was doing Red Bull and Corona most of the night. We played an hour set, halfway thru I had to pee. Almost couldn't wait. Red Bull does not mix with alcohol.
  9. barebones

    barebones Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2005
    Denver, CO
    When I first saw the title of this thread I thought, "Exactly! This is why I love going to the mall so much!"

    Imagine my disappointment.

  10. Wootsticks


    Jul 26, 2007
    Houston, TX
    Wait, was the mini-fridge stocked with name brand soda?
  11. jazzin-j


    Jul 13, 2007
    for some reason i really want to shred right now:p
  12. megadethjohn


    Apr 25, 2007
    Red Bull mixes very well with whiskey/jager. Red Bull and beer though not so much. Corona is S***** all on its own.

    There's a place on the southside of chicago I play at regularly that has a pretty cool back stage area in the basement. Pretty big room filled with crazy looking but very comfortable retro furniture. It's got a fridge, it's own bathroom/shower and ash trays(a big plus in chicago cause you can't smoke indoors at a venue). I was lighting up a bowl down there once and a security guard came down and said "What the F*** do you think you're doing". I thought I was gonna get thrown out and my band would be banned from playing there but he followed it up with "tokin' up and you didn't even invite me?" We shared the bowl and all was good.

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