I am super new to amps and cabs and am in need of help!

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    Dec 21, 2014
    So, I am in the market of getting a new bass rig, i am just no good with watts and ohms. So, I am planning on purchasing the Ampeg B2-R amp head. The specs on that say is runs 450w at 4 ohms and 250w at 8 ohms. The cabinet I am planned on getting is going to be the Ampeg SVT-410HE. It is a 500 RMS 8 ohms cabinet. It says on its spec sheet that its nominal impediance is 8 ohms, but I also saw that Sweetwater (This is the linkhttp://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/S... that when you scroll down to its tech specs, it says 4 ohms? On ampeg's website, it has the cab under the 8 ohm section. I am just curious, as to how much power my amp will be running into the cabinet, and also, if the cab is truely an 8 ohm cabinet, will there be a chance of damaging the cabinet only running 250 watts at 8 ohms? Will I have volume troubles on stage? Is this an example of underpowering!
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    Look at watts and ohms as a guide.

    If the 410 is rated for 500watt load, (whether it's 4 or 8 ohm) you'll be fine running that amp.

    You do however, need to keep in mind the amps minimum load in ohms. So the Ampeg B2R has a minimum load of 4ohms, that means if you get the cab in 4ohms, you won't be able to add another cab.

    As far as under powering a cab, this does not exist. I've even put my 200watt amp into a cab that can take load of 2400watts max which sounded good and nothing bad happened.
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    It really is an 8 ohm cab, and you will be fine with an amp running 250w. Will you have volume troubles? You will if your goal is to make audience members puke from volume, otherwise you should be fine.
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    As mentioned above, yes, the 2 will work fine together. And also, yes, underpowering is a myth.
  5. That should work fine.
    If 250 watts isn't enough, add a second 8 ohm 410.
    Then you have the full 500 watts and twice the speaker area.
    ( As a side bonus, you get twice the workout moving it.)
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    I don't know what your playing situation is, but I'd never roll with just 250w watts. For practicing or playing laid back music in coffee shops that might work, or places with PAs, that would be fine. Playing anything heavy with guitarists that like stacks, forget about it.