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I am trying to find information about this bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by soup, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. soup


    Dec 22, 2003
    Hi, I have a fender precision bass, but I can not find any other bass on the internet that looks like it.

    I know it has a few custom things, but they are minor that I know of, like a drop switch on the top string, and a little button between the tone and volume nob that someone had told me was a filter switch, like a noise reducer or something. I think it might actually be a switch for the added pick up. Most precision basses that I find, other than the delux, have just 2 humbucker? pickups. Mine has the two pickups, as well as one longer thinner pickup. It also has a 3 position switch though, and having 3 pickups, I figured that controlled all the pickups.

    pictures can be found here


    The serial number is E 911256

    It is made in USA

    I want to know how much it is worth, what exactly it is.

    When people ask me about it, I just say that it is a fender precision bass custom.

    you can email me at soup at soupk.com
  2. it has a regular precision pickup and a jazz pickup added in.

    new bridge

    hishot d-tuner

    pickup selector switch

    Filter Switch?

    (just some mods that somebody put in)
  3. ghetto911


    Jan 28, 2003
    Spokane, WA
    I don't remember the exact name of this model, but I think it's something like the "California Special." They come stock with the 3-way toggle, the precision and jazz pickups, and that big bridge. You can actually see that the bridge says Fender in one of the pictures, so I'm pretty sure it's not an aftermarket addition. I think these were made around '93. I hope someone with more information stumbles across this thread, I just can't remember the name of the bass. By the way, the two pickups closest to the bridge are really just one pickup that has two coils. The toggle switch allows you to select the neck pickup only, the two pickups together, or the bridge pickup only. Oh, if you come up with a price, I might want that bass.
  4. soup


    Dec 22, 2003
    Thanks guys, I hope someone has just a little more info. Like what about that little white button between the volume knob and the tone knob. Someone had told me it cleaned up the sound. Like a noise filter or somn. I seriously have no idea what it is. on my crappy amp, it doesnt make a difference.

    I hope someone can give me a good estimate on price.

    I want to keep it, but I am not that avid of a bass player and I need an new guitar. So I figure, if this thing is worth enough, sell it, and get my new guitar. I have always been told it was worth a lot, and the fact that it seems quite rare is a bonus. I just don't want to take these people's word as gold, they sometimes talk out of their arse.

    So if I can figure out what it is worth, and what that white button does, I was going to put it up on ebay. If you are actually interested, I will have no problem talking to you about it once I find out how much it is worth. I also want to know if it might be worth keeping for 10 or so more years, then selling. It has allready sat in a case for over 5.
  5. it's a US Precision Plus-
    I have one from 1992.


    yours is missing the fine tuner screws in the bridge over each string.
    (not much use anyway)

    stock pickups are Lace Sensor PJ's

    the white pushbutton is a series/parallel selector for the P p/up.

    ps. i've just noticed the E string Hipshot detuner isn't exactly the right type- Hipshot do an exact replacement though.
  6. soup


    Dec 22, 2003

    sweet.. now I know what it is.. but.. umm.. what does that button do? heh... I have no idea what that means.

    Also what do you think it woudl be worth? Think I could get 900 usd for it? Would it appreciate in value by keeping it?
  7. IMO series parallel on a P p/up is pretty useless- a P p/up on a Precision is usually wired in series.
    in parallel it has a lot less mids.

    I just kept it in series mode.

    not sure about the value- I wouldn't think they're worth any more than used US Precision Deluxes go for on ebay though.
  8. soup


    Dec 22, 2003
    awesome thanks mock turtle.. that helps a lot!!

    I just wonder if keeping it would be worth it. Do these type of items appreciate that well?
  9. bovinehost

    bovinehost Supporting Member

    Dec 5, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: Ernie Ball Music Man/Sterling By Music Man
    If it's a Precision Plus (I'd like to see better photos of the body from straight on) and I think it probably is, sorry to inform you that the value is nowhere near 900 USD, especially with the mods.

    I bought a Jazz Plus (1992) on eBay not that long ago for $350 bucks and didn't consider it an exceptional deal.

    As always, YMMV. Good luck.
  10. Check this out, it explains series and parallel.

    BTW, $900.00, is not what the bass is worth, maybe 500.00 on a good day! The bass has been modified.



  11. ...but I thought it wasnt...I thought everything was original????
  12. soup


    Dec 22, 2003
    So did I... well except for the drop switch maybe? But it even sounded as though that was stock.
  13. I have an old bass player mag with mike mills in it, and he's holding the exact same bass, and I'm sure it has both switches...
  14. I don't think this is original. Is it???


    I'm big enough to admit I may have been wrong, but I have never seen a Fender come stock with the Hipshot tuner.

    But then again what do I know?

  15. Ooops!...I forgot about the Etender key...I'm sorry for doubting you Treena!!
    I thought you were talking about the j pickup, the 2 switches, and the bridge.
  16. Here's a 1992 Fender Precision Plus, no hipshot tuner, everything else is stock, lists for $750.00USD(not my bass or photos)




  17. ghetto911


    Jan 28, 2003
    Spokane, WA
    Wow, this thread did get a lot of responses. Thanks for correcting me, Mock Turtle Regulator. I just found this very bass for sale on Ebay. I'm thinking there's no way you'll ever get $850 for this thing. But if you want to have a fighting chance, at least make sure there are some decent strings on it.