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  1. YES! i fixed my saddle problem with my brand new rick!! i was soo soo soo sad that my brand new 4003 had a problem and i thought i would have to drive all the way back to the guitar store but NO! i fixed it. This probibly should go in set up forum but the most people view this forum and i just wanted everyone to know, haha. all i did was take a little tiny corner or my pay check from last week that i cashed and stuck it under the saddle that rocked back adn forth and clicked. it works perfectly now no matter how hard i hit the d string or g string. o i'm so happy. my rick is so perfect now, not a single surface mark, dent or anything. alright i think i got all my happy out now, and i gotta go to school tomorrw morning. hahah thank the bass god. heres a super close up picture of what i did. you cant even see the paper. :) :) :) :hyper: :hyper: :D :D :bassist: :bassist:


    yes i'm so happy
  2. Aaron Saunders

    Aaron Saunders

    Apr 27, 2002
    That's a really cool picture...I just saved it for some future use. Very neat.

    Got any more?
  3. thanks
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    Shhhhhhh.....man are you trying get that first big scratch and/or ding?! :eek: Being all happy and a making a statement like that...your a brave man! J/k :D

  5. hahaha good point, hopefully all the point sharp hard things in my room werent reading over my sholder and laughing ay me. hahahah