I been workin'

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  1. "Oh

    Workin' from seven to eleven ev'ry night
    I' really makes life a drag
    I don't think that's right
    I've really been the best, the best of fools
    I did what I could, yeah
    'Cause I love you, baby
    How I love you, darling
    How I love you, baby
    Mama loves you, girl, little girl
    But baby, since I've been loving you, yeah-uh
    I'm about to lose my worried mind, ohhh, yeah"

    That thing kinda describes how my last three-and-a-half day have been. Since 6 AM on Thursday I've worked for 62 hours and slept 15. That ain't too cool. Last night I went to a friends house, grilled some hot dogs, watched the Matrix and had ONE beer. It simply is not funny how drunk I was from that one beer. And tomorrow might be like it, maybe a sixteen hour workday. :(

    I know I'll love it when I get paid, but right now it's just not worth it. Sorry for the rant.
  2. Oh, I will. I have my eyes set on a Super Redhead, Stella Artios and a weekend vacation. And one of the girls that just started working with us. :D And best of all, I have a dentist appointment at 2 PM tomorrow so I'll get off work early. YAY! :)

    Yesterday was a bit scary. I'd been working for 14 hours the day before, slept for 3 and went back to work. During that day I drove for 5 whole hours of the 17 that I worked, all inside of the city. There were several occations where I started up the car, set off and then suddenly realized I'd been driving for ten minutes and I didn't have a clue how I got where I was. I think that's the hint you get that you should probably slow down and get some sleep.