I bought a Road Bike, Need Cheap Accesories!!!

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  1. So I bought a road bike to keep up with my brother on 40 milers but I blew the budget on the bike and can't afford pedals, shoes and padded shorts. Also the research into what brands of pedals and whatnot is driving me crazy, soo many choices.

    Please help, I need some good pedals, I don't race, I just need to put some miles on to get into shape. Also what shoes? 500 choices and when I go in a bike store they look at me like I'm an overweight loser and just push the product thats easiest for them to get me out the door. Frustrated:meh:
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    Apr 10, 2009
    No pics...
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    I didn't see helmet on your list. My priority list would go:

    1. helmet
    2. padded shorts
    3. pedals/shoes*

    * Only if your bike DOESN'T have pedals. You obviously need pedals.

    I don't have specific pedal recommendations since I'm a mountain biker and for some reason, they're different...and yeah. No pic, no bike!
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    I have a set of "campus pedals" on one of my bikes:


    These have SPD compatible clips on one side, and a cage on the other that you can use with regular shoes. These may be a good option for you, as it would allow you to ride without special shoes at first, and then to transition to a pair of shoes with SPD cleats when you're ready to make that investment.

    As far as shorts go, if you click on the link in slobake's post, Nashbar has some shorts as low as $20. If you end up doing a lot of riding, though, a decent pair of shorts can be a good investment. You might also want to look into bib-style shorts. They're a pain when you have to go to the bathroom, but they can be more comfortable for heavier people.
  6. The bike is nothing speacial but I'll post a pic of it tonight.

    I'll check out nashbar, I've bought plenty from them in the past.

    I have a helmet, it's the shoes that scare me, the prices locally are crazy and you can't try them on over the internet.. soooo.... it's like gambling when you have very little money to lose.
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    I've been using Shimano M525 pedals and their low end mountain bike shoe(the lace up one) for a couple years of very regular commuting.

    I really prefer mountain bike pedals/shoes their road equivalent. They've got regular tread opposed to a bare sole so you can walk once you get where you're going.

    Performancebike is a national chain and mail order shop that has pretty good prices on stuff. Their house brand clothes and accessories tend to be decent.
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    If you look at some online places with no questions asked returns you can theoretically try stuff out, minus the cost of shipping. Try Competitive Cyclis, Backcountry, or Department of Goods (all owned by the same company, DoG is outlet stuff). Zappos also has some cycling shoes, free shipping both ways.

    Performance and Nashbar are owned by the same company and generally have the same stock, Nashbar is usually cheaper though.
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    Love Nashbar.

    Since you already have a helmet, your first priority should be padded shorts. They are a Godsend.

    If your bike has platform pedals, leave those for now. I found it much easier to get used to starting and stopping, shifting, etc. without having to worry about clipping out when I stop. Once that became second nature, I bought my pedals.

    Anyway, the pedals I use are Shimano M520's. These were on my road bike until I upgraded to the M540 which is a bit lighter. The 520's are now on my mountain bike. I like to use the same system on both bikes, just for the sake of consistency.

    As far as shoes go, I use last year's version of the Shimano R088 the R087 for my road bike. But more often than not, I ride my MTB shoes, Shimano M077 because they're more comfortable and I can walk around in them easier. I use the mountain bike shoes for shorter rides, but use the road shoes where I need more endurance.
  10. Hmm... I asked my bro to let me use his mtn bike pedals and shoes for a bit. I'm ordering shimano 105 pedals and taking a chance on a pair of shoes for 59 bucks form Nashbar. I'm waiting for the mortgage payment to go through before I order anything. priorities :D
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    YOu might know this, but make sure the shoes are 3 hole cleat mounting for 105 pedals. Road shoes, not mountain.
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    Performance Bicycle is also a good online store. They have some cheaper road shoes. www.performancebike.com
    When it comes to European-sized, European shoes, hopefully, you don't have wide feet.
  13. I like Look KEO pedals. Super-smooth in and out. I use the Sprints.
    I have a wide foot, so I use a Lake wide shoes.
    I got my bib shorts from Probikekit, but they only have the spendier ones, now.
    I've heard Performance Bike has some decent bibs, and trust me, they are way
    more comfortable than shorts and won't move around on you.

    I would definitely go here for a LOT of SPECIFIC advise:


    The Road Cycling section can be a shark tank, so I'd do some searches, first,
    and get a feel for it before posting. You'll need a thick skin, but there are some
    experienced and knowledgeable people there.
    Good luck and happy riding.

  14. I never had a comfort prob w/shorts until I hit say 45 & my waist went God-knows-where... Taking a leak in bibs is a hassle, although I'm spoiled by the sweet fit.
  15. The UPS truck arrived late so no bike pics, hopefully I'll get them up tonight.