I bought one of the orange Yamaha BB414's

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  1. ... and to be honest - it is a great bass. I have a 78 Jazz and an 80 4001 also - but I plan on using the Yamaha as my #1. It really does sound good - and after a set-up ( which was very much needed) and some good strings - it plays good too. I have been a snob in the past - and have played some pretty crappy imports to be honest. But this one is a winner - and it looks cool too.
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    Nov 12, 2004
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    If you're talking the orange BB414 with the P/J vol/tone toggle you're right. I use one at the store for lessons and I love it. I have it set just right for me and when I can afford it, it will probably be my next purchase.

    The neck is great and you get 3 very useful tones form each pickup combination;

    neck position "P" that is very "P-like"
    bridge position "J" that is vey "J-like"
    nice blend in the middle

    For $400, you can't go wrong. It's a great passive 4 string. I'd like to hear it with flats for some "old school" vibe.

    I have a Yamaha BB605 5 string (got it for $350) that is my main bass. I've had no trouble with it, it's light, plays well and sounds great - especially when I put a Bartolini premp and pickups in it.