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Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by full_bleed, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. JBL LSR 4326P

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  2. Dynaudio BM5A

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  3. Mackie HR624mk2

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  4. ADAM Audio A7

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  1. full_bleed


    May 27, 2005
    Pretty self explanatory, I can't decide which way to go with my next monitor purchase. I really don't have enough mixing experience to be able to say "yup that set right there is going to translate better more consistently than this other one" ya know what I mean? They all sound good. So, given the choices what would you do?

    I will say that the vast majority of my time I will be mixing rock, alternative, metal and jazz if that is of any help at all
  2. full_bleed


    May 27, 2005
    I take most of us around here don't get into mid-priced monitors?
  3. I wouldn't presume to know what was going to sound good in your room, with the kind of music that you produce. I get a chuckle out of "objective" reviews of nearfields. The environment and the source are massive variables. I could have a set of Adams that are perfect for my room, and they sound like ass in your room. I had a pair of A7's for a while and went back to my Rubicon R5a's, because I simply wasn't hearing the extra detail or spatial separation, so I'm probably not the guy to answer your question anyhow.

    And yeah, probably not a lot of owners of mid and high end nearfields around here. :ninja:
  4. fokof

    fokof One day ,I'll be in the future

    Mar 16, 2007
    I have a pair of LSR28P , wich are the older brothers of the newest JBL.
    Love 'em , very nice for the price and the new room corection thing can be a + in hard to tune rooms.

    If money would be no object , I'd go for the ADAM 2.5A......
  5. hunta


    Dec 2, 2004
    Washington, DC
    I would try gearslutz, much more likely to get info about higher end (than junk) monitors there.
  6. DocBop


    Feb 22, 2007
    Los Angeles, CA
    The JBL's with the Room Correction Mode make them a great deal in that price range.
  7. full_bleed


    May 27, 2005
    Just thought I would give an update as I have just made the purchase.

    I spent close to 3 hours in a Guitar Center trying out all of the monitors and not just the ones I was really interested in just in case something grabbed my attention that I wasn't taking into consideration. My testing CD was A Perfect Circle - 13th Step

    1) KRK VXT 6 - Smooth natural sound. Seemed to be very flat with good depth and highs that didn't feel like they were going to be ice picks after over an hour of mixing. Low end was present enough for a nearfield that a sub would not be needed but I probably still would have used one at a lower volume. All frequencies seemed to stay almost as present when the volume was turned down as when it was cranked. All in all a good set of speakers that didn't really shine nor did they disappoint me. By the end of listening to monitors I found I actually favored these more than I thought I would have when compared to the rest.

    2) KRK VXT 8 - Same thing as above with only with a slight amount of lows that was missing from it's little brother as you would expect from a larger woofer. I was however slightly more dissatisfied with these for 2 reasons 1- they cost quite a bit more for just a little extra low end 2- the added lows seemed to mask the upper frequencies giving them a slightly smeared sound in comparison to VXT6's.

    3) M-Audio Studiophile BX8a - Great for the price but the highs hurt so bad that I would never want to mix with these for over 20min and never at a very high volume. If you are on a very tight budget and you tend to mix way to bright these monitors might help you correct that problem because your going to be pulling out where you used to add for no other reason than to save your precious eardrums. There are better options at this price point.

    4) Mackie HR624mk2 - I was very disappointed with these. They were smooth, had very little low end, no depth and cost as much as the KRK VXT6's that far out performed them. The only reason I could see going with Mackie is if you like the color they produce. It wasn't my bag at all and I didn't spend much time on these. Same applies for it big brother the HR824mk2.

    5) JBL LSR 4326P - I did not get a fair assessment of the JBL's because I didn't have the option to use the room correction mic feature so take what I say with even more salty grains of salt. I was expecting big things from these monitors and I must say I am very surprised that I didn't like them. I thought for sure going into the store I had at least brainwashed myself into believing they are what I was going to go home with, but no. They seemed to be very raw in the mids. What I mean by that, and this is only a guess, is that the 6k range seems a bit hyped and had narrow band peaks across the mids down to about 250hz. Things popped out in these monitors that didn't in the others giving them more depth than the VXT's but it didn't sound natural at all. Low end was missing completely and despite the mid frequency peaks they still seemed just a hair on the thin side in comparison to the VXT6's. I was almost equally surprised with the JBL LSR 4328P because it seemed a touch more natural and had a low end that better matched its upper frequencies. Like I said though, not a fair demo of these do to the fact that I was not able to use a key selling feature of these monitors.

    6) Yamaha HS80M - WOW! I liked these quite a bit. They also seemed a bit hyped in the upper mids maybe 6k-10k but that is what I tend to boost to much of so they would be a good way of keeping me in line. despite the boost over such a large area they had a more natural sound than the JBL sets and the frequencies didn't smear together. They had some depth but nothing to write home about. The lows were strong and convincing. It didn't sound like the box design was creating all of the lows, it was the driver doing the work. The highs were a hair more detailed than the JBL's but at the same time they didn't have quite as much high end extension. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that the HS80M's didn't smear the frequencies it could handle together while the JBL's could smear the frequencies that the HS80M's couldn't touch. They responded very well to both quiet listening and loud. The mid boost would probably cause these monitors to get a bit fatiguing in under an hour at normal mixing levels. Overall, I think these are a great set, especially for the price. What I see them really excelling at is being a good a/b set because they sound more like a common consumers high quality speaker setup but with more detail. Much better option than the BX8a's in the tight budget range.

    7) EVENT ASP8 - Very nice monitors here. I Liked these almost as much as the VXT6's. My listening experience was not ideal with these as they were on the bottom shelf near the ground but none the less they performed very well. Solid realistic lows, nice mid and high frequency detail, good low level listening and pretty :D. Something was missing from this set but I still can't figure out what it was. Perhaps depth??? It's hard for me to say. They were very nice but they just lacked that special something that would blow my mind. While having good upper frequency detail they still had a smooth sound to them that would allow for the longest mixing time out of all the the monitors I have spoke of thus far.

    8) Dynaudio BM5A - My first impression... what is the hype about?!?!? I listened to these for a little while trying to figure out what it is that everyone sees in these things when I noticed that I didn't have them turned up very loud. CRANK... That's better. Good detail, not much if any smearing going on, very good depth, extremely flat response. There was a huge difference in listening to these turned down from cranking them to typical mixing levels. They were very smooth sounding that didn't hurt my ears in the least. I could probably mix with these all day and not have any fatigue at all. Lows were present but not over bearing and seemed to thump enough for nearfields so you may not even need a sub unless you are mixing rap or electronic music. Listening position was critical more with these than any of the other sets I demo'd as well. I was very impressed with this set although the downside is you must always have them at a louder volume in order to get what you will love out of them. Well worth the price.

    9) ADAM Audio A7 - EARGASM!!! IMO these are the clear winner. There was so much detail and upper frequency clarity to these. Not smooth but occasionally did they have a ever so slight harsh sound, but that's what I also thought of the test cd so in that respect it was an accurate representation of what was really going on. The depth was much better than the Dynaudio's IMO. Low end was just enough that I wouldn't need a sub but I probably will use one at a very low volume to capture that little extra something on a final listen before I move on to mixing another song. The highs are all there and for that reason I suspect that I would need to take a break after just over an hour of mixing BUT there are a couple of nice things on the back of the A7 monitors. You can turn down the tweeter and the 6k range as well as 150hz to either tune to your room or extend listening time. The reason I say extend listening time is because with the 150hz at 2 o'clock and both the tweeter and 6k knob all the way down the A7 sounds much more like the Dynaudio but still had a little extra high end clarity. Sooooo I bought the A7's

    What I plan on doing next is saving up and buying the Yamaha HS80 monitors next because they have a great sound that, as I said earlier, would work perfect for a/b with another set to both keep me in line with the upper mids as well as sounding like the so many high quality common consumer products out there. I would even dare to say the the HS80 could be the poor man's version of the A7. If I were you though I would save the extra dollars and get the A7's and do as I am and get the HS80's later.

    Side note: I tried out the HS50's a while back and was also impressed with these. I found them to have more detail than the KRK RP5 but not as flat.

    So there is my assessment of these monitors for you all to do with what you will. As with any opinion expressed on these forums take it with a grain of salt and use it only to potentially guide you in the direction you want to go and not as gospel. Use your ears to buy your equipment and not your eyes. Thank you to all those who offered up there opinion it was greatly appreciated.

  8. fokof

    fokof One day ,I'll be in the future

    Mar 16, 2007


    I did that type of test when I bought my JBL's and the ADAM 2.5 blew me away.
    But the price blew me away too. I know the A7 are a lot more afordable , never had a chance to listen to them.

    I absolutly hate the Yamaha so I can see why you didn't like the JBL.

    Diversity is what makes it all happen! :smug:

    I had to buy a "very combo" bass amp a couple of months ago and this site helped me to discovered products I didn't know about : Minimark , Shuttle , etc....

    I ended up with a RCF ART310A .......
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