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I Can't Say Enough

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Dave44, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. About our new drummer. He is a fantastic drummer, leagues above the rest of the band, but a super nice guy and a pro. An old friend came into town last night and wondered if he could sit in on a rehearsal for a bit. Not only did our new drummer agree he was enjoying himself and he even gave a few pointers out to our old drummer and made a total stranger feel much welcome with smiles all around. Beautiful. And still true to his word he just wants to sit in the pocket and enjoy the music. I'm so lucky to have a fellow musician be so humble yet have a 100 fold more talent than most everyone else in town. Makes you think the world is a good place to be playin' in.
  2. Tie him up in your basement. Feed him regularly and all of that, but don't even for a second let a drummer you have such chemistry with escape. You'll have more luck finding unicorn poop than a replacement for this guy.
  3. hhahahahahaha lmao unicorn poop! no doubt tho, rent him your spare room and then hire a super fine maid to do his laundry and make him samichez!
  4. ...let alone a unicorn that pukes rainbows!
  5. fixed
  6. Good call. Even a drummer can eventually figure out how to untie stuff. And this guy sounds smarter than the average snare pounder.

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