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I cheer for this underdog: 2005 Ashdown MAG 300 H + 115 Deep

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by GlennRH, May 9, 2017.

  1. When I ordered this two-part rig, I wanted the made-in-England GP7SM Trace-Elliot tone from an intuitive head separate from a big, full-breathing 1x15" cabinet. Got 'em. Twelve years later, I continue to believe that I chose well.

    I viewed the subharmonics knob as a welcome upgrade from the great-sounding Trace I'd played through before; also suitable compensation for the furry carpet covering both head and cabinet. Still view it that way - the subharmonics and the carpet.

    First rehearsal, the drummer asked, "You got subharmonics on that thing?"

    My reply: Yeah. How's it sound where you sit?

    Drummer: "I like it. Too bad we've already played so many stages without it."

    I don't like the crackle when I pan the output pot. (Really: It crackles a bit.)

    I like that issues never arise with the input gain, as I play a G&L bass with a hot MFD pickup, and sometimes I thump pretty hard with my plucking fingers.

    Years passed before it ever occurred to me that Ashdown is an underdog brand. Whateva.

    My Ashdown rig sounds great. I find the head totally intuitive to use. Whenever I contemplate plugging in a second cabinet, I hope that it sounds as close as possible to my MAG 115 Deep.
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  2. I’m glad you have found an amp that you are still liking a dozen years later. It would be sad if you still had it and you hated it. :D
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  3. Yeah. I'd wish the same for anybody - happy with your gear for over a decade. Underdog gear, too, in my case.

    I'd never buy any gear covered in the black fur again ....except if I could get me hands on a second MAG 115 Deep cabinet. That model disappeared from the Ashdowm catalogue years ago. Alas.

    When I do plug in a second cabinet, the best they ever do is equal the Ashdown cab.

    More often, I run a cable from the Ashdown head's DI to the board to let the house PA carry the bass. That's usually better than 2 cabs on the stage anyway.

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