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    I pretty new in the bass business and I want to know the difference between a pre-amp. and a power amp. Also would it be wise to connect my amp ( a bassman 200), to a 600W Crate PA head to get more sound or should I buy a extension cabinet for my bass.

    Thanks -Matt-
  2. Cosmo_Smallpiece


    May 26, 2000
    Hi bassboy

    I'll try to answer your question about pre and power amps.

    After the raw signal from your bass is plugged into the input jack of a bass amp the first thing it passes through is the pre-amp. This is where all the tone shaping and processing of your bass sound occurs i.e. graphic settings or tone presets. So you can think of the pre-amp as the front panel of your amp. The bit with all the controls. But the actual level of the signal is still very small - enough to drive a pair of headphones but not enough to drive a bass cabinet.

    So next the signal must be amplified up to a level that is sufficient to shake the floor when you put it through a speaker cab. This function is the job of the power amp. This is the part of a bass head that adds all the wieght and creates all the heat. It boosts the output of the preamp from less than one watt up to the hundreds of watts you need to drive a 4x10 or a 1x15 to a decent level.

    So very simply, the preamp is a signal processor and the power amp is a signal amplifier.

    Hope this makes it a bit clearer.
  3. Cosmo_Smallpiece


    May 26, 2000
    Just looked at the second part of your question.

    IMO you'd get a better sound by buying an extension cab that is intended for bass guitar rather than DIing it into a PA. Of course this assumes that your amp is capable of driving an extension cab. Don't know much about the Bassman amps.

    Are you talking about getting more volume at gigs?

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