I could either make $80, or I could get jumped. Details inside.

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  1. JNowiski


    Jan 16, 2006
    "...tatoos all up his arm..."

    i have a full sleeve and back piece...what are you trying to say...:meh: ...;)

    "My friends are in college so if anything weird goes on, they'll try to help."

    Are you sure?? :D Pretty much all my friends are in college and i honestly can say i might have 2 or 3 that would actually stick around (unless they had a baseball bat or some kind of weapon) :help: I have crappy friends though...probably cause all my tattoos right, haha.

    i agree with everyone that people judge people with lots of tattoos (aka sleeves and bodysuits) I like it when my niece and other kids stare at them cause the colors, i think thats pretty funny. Pretty much all my good friends have tattoos. My twin brother has a full sleeve, back and one side of his ribs tattooed. and one of our good friends just started a leg sleeve. And i think i got one of my army buddies convinced into getting a back piece. mwahahaha *evil laugh*

  2. Yeah I dont get what the problem is, your just selling him your amp no big deal. Just because he has tattoos and went to jail doesnt make him a bad person, you even said yourself he seemed like a nice guy. Just have him stop by guitar center and give him the amp out of your trunk, no big deal.
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    Dec 21, 2002
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    You're right, tattoos are no big deal. However, if a person goes to jail, its usually a result of bad behavior.