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I cracked (I bought a tele)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by tallguybcs, Apr 7, 2001.

  1. I had $400 in hand from my bday, and was looking for bass accessories, when I saw the mexican teles, sitting all alone. I thought "what the heck?" and played one, well, I ended up buying it. Its a nice sunburst, not sure if I dont like black better, might exchange it in a week or so.

    Anyone else got the temptation and got a guitar?

    BTW, bass is still and always will be by main instrument.
  2. Nails


    Jun 4, 2000
    Austin, Tejas
    Beware the dangers of owning a guitar. I've got an acoustic, and I'm also holding my bros. 12 string Dano. It's getting to where I play less and less bass. Bass is still my main instrument, and it's the only thing I want to seriously play in a band (joking around I'll play anything you put in front of me, or me behind in case of drums). I'm not in a band right now so I can stray for a little, also I write on guitar and I've been writing alot. Just want to give you a warning, it's addictive.
  3. once i had the impulse to buy a guitar and i got a Ibanez RG120
  4. My folks bought me a Guitar about 6 months before I began playing bass. For the first year of playing Bass I had to practice lines on my guitar, and I found myself trying less and less to play guitar on my guitar. I finally got a Bass guitar, and for the last 2 years my guitar has been collecting dust. Ive been playin Bass for 3 1/2 years, and I dont nearly enjoy playing guitar as much as Bass.

    As far as Im concerned, owning a guitar when you have a perfectly fine Bass is worthless.
  5. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    Cool man! I'm thinking after I'm done upgrading my bass I might go out and get a Strat (or a Tele, I don't know yet). I play my dad's Strat on the rare occasions I go home and I love it. I really like it because it's a physical challenge. Playing chords (beyond three note power chords) is tricky for me, and I really like to have to struggle with stuff like that. It's also really refreshing. Sometimes, I just can't play any more bass. I love it to death, but every now and again I need a break, so I head for the keyboards or the geetar for a little bit and when I go back to bass it's like going home, and I feel all warm and fuzzy about it again. (well, it's not all that dramatic, but you get the idea).

    A lot of people probably think that you should just do bass, but that's really closing off musical opportunities. I realize, that by nature, we bassists are very proud of what we do, and it's necessary to have pride in your instrument. But, if, some time down the road you want to switch to guitar, more power to ya! Or you can just dabble in a little bit of everything. The guy who taught me how to play bass can play drums, guitar, and bass, and he's really good on all of them. I tell him all the time that he's my personal hero. He even does bacflips on a trampoline that he puts on the stage before the show, WHILE playing bass. (he's also a gymnastics coach.)
  6. Yeah, I have always loved teles, so I just had to get it. I really think its gonna help my bass playing, and will definately help me as a musician
  7. MJB


    Mar 17, 2000
    MIM tele owner here, black w/maple board. Great change of pace from the bass. I play it a couple of hours a week just to keep my hand in it. And, to remind myself that I'm a bassplayer.

  8. bertbassplayer

    bertbassplayer Supporting Member

    Jul 7, 2000
    DFW, TX
    I don't have the want to buy one because my dad gave me this old Fender copy for my 14th b-day. I have the urge to customize it though.
  9. My only problem is that the sunburst isnt sticking to me like it did on the jazz, I might have ot exchange it for the black one

    BTW, its not as hard as I thought, I dont know why "they" say bass is so much easier
  10. I got my first (and only) electric guitar about a month after I got my first bass. At the time I was actually more interested in guitar than bass, and figured I'd play them both.
    About a week later my guitar was gathering dust in the corner of my room, and I was constantly having to wipe down all the hand & finger marks that were getting my beautiful bass all grimy looking. :D
    But not I go back to my guitar every now & then to do a wee bit of writing. :D And MUCH prefer to play the open chords as opposed to power chords, unless I'm trying to get that meaty feel to it. Then again, if I want that meaty feel I could just pull out my bass... :D
  11. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    I've owned a guitar since '73; 'sfunny, I actually recall playing guitar LIVE, on stage in my high school garage band(we were a 3-piece; I played the chords/picking part on Ten Years After's "I'd Love To Change The World" while the regular guitarist did his best Alvin Lee impression. Damn, no bass on that tune when we did it; what were we thinking?!).

    Anyway, a guitar is a useful tool for a bassist to have(unless you're really lucky & have a piano in the house). Learn chords & their "shapes"...you can then adopt those "shapes" & groove them on your bass. Also, check out some of the really great rhythm guitar parts to hear/see how they're thinking...do these players step on the bassist's
    turf? Or do they space their guitar part in such a way that the "whole is BIGGER than the parts"?

    ...a drum kit would also be a worthy tool for the bassist(or in my case, a set of bongos + a drum machine!). :D
  12. I borrow my friend's RG170 for weeks at a time. Haven't had a chance to play it since he took it back last time. :( I can solo better than him! (look! it makes me have an ego!) :D But it's fun playing the blues! :D
  13. Funny you should mentiont that!

    I have been contemplating buying a really CHEAP guitar,just so I can become more familiar with the chords and maybe a little better at using a pic.Not sure if I could handle the high janglie noise though!
  14. i'll definitely be getting a tele, hopefully at some point in the near future. nice choice.
  15. Reid


    Aug 25, 2000
    Oakville, Ontario
    I was going to get a tele, but got a squire jagmaster instead, lower action, dual humbuckers and it looks cooler than a tele imo. I usually only play it when I feel like being really loud.
  16. Sabeth


    Apr 6, 2001
    quincy, IL USA
    the second insturment i ever got (the first being a mickey mouse drum set ^^;;) was a cheap guitar from KB toys. i was about 8 or 9, and i loved that thing. i never did learn how to play it, though. i never got a hold of the whole chords thing. but then again, i STILL don't get it. so i'm just going to stick to my happy bass and pretend i know what i'm doing. :p oh, and guitar is rather addictive, even if you have no clue what you're doing...

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