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I crashed the OBA conference!(trombone content)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by jonathan_matos5, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. :cool:


    i didn't get to see the band because of my lack of a badge but i did get to check out alot of cool horns directly from the factories :cool: i went to the college to see about renting a horn and the college sent me to the shop that the band director recommended. when there i asked the owner of the store about trombones and he said that all of them were at the OBA conference with his son at the booth. i asked when they would be back and he told me that he would let me in the conference to look at them:D

    i even walked away with a new trombone.



    excuse the crappy pics the lighting sucks:cool:

    here is a pic from the manufacturer's webpage

    it is an Eastman etb432 trombone so far i like it. its a cheapie made in china but the specs meet all that i need and the guy i bought it from gave me $500 for my conn with mojo* so i got to walk away only spending $400 on my credit card:cool:

    here is a link to the eastman website

    *mojo see also beat up POS:D
  2. Bard2dbone


    Aug 4, 2002
    Arlington TX
    Their website didn't include any. But don't they also make flugelhorns and valve trombones, as well?

    I started out as a trumpet player and every year they handed me a larger horn. Apparently there is a not-so-secret plot that if you are a guy with any size and play a brass instrument, they want you trapped under a sousaphone come high school marching band.

    I miss playing brass instruments. My high school jazz band had a BUNCH of doublers and triplers, so for contest we had a tune where several of us would switch off seats during the solos. I started the song at third trumpet, playing a really nice Getzen Eterna 4-valve flugelhorn that belonged to the school. Then switched to valve trombone to take a solo. Then switched to bass and stayed there for the rest of the performance.

    Thinking back on how the judges geeked over that gimmick makes me occasionally wish I still had some brass stuff to get around on. And since I'm me, I mostly picture having stuff like what I used for that contest. I never was as good at (real) trombone as I was at (might as well really be a euphonium) valve trombone.

    Just for the wierdness factor, I had a closed wrap F attachment on my valve trombone. The horn they gave me was fairly mangled just behing the bell. And one of the better slide trombones that belonged to the school got a pretty badly smushed slide. So I took the front of one and the back of the other and had, essentially a four-valve horn. That was a source of amusement in the jazz band that I was the only one who had extra valves on BOTH horns.
  3. yeah i did that with trombone, baritone, ant tuba my senior year in HS. but never got a hold of a bass till last summer:ninja:

    now im picking up trombone again and sadly im a bit rusty(pun not intended):oops: ;)

    im going back to college as a music major and needed a less beat up horn to play/ relearn on:meh:

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