I.D. This P Bass!

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  1. A buddy dug this out of his uncle's garage. We figured it's at least a 1980's. I could google it but this is more fun.

    I.D. and share what you know please!
    21858F03-01EE-4127-934D-34CECFF24261.jpeg 6CC8186D-9290-4D17-8AAE-5466CDAD3C99.jpeg A5B581EE-ECA9-450A-87AF-6D9A9CB18556.jpeg AFFEC75F-B370-47E1-AA8C-B1BF00DF1948.jpeg 81098805-815F-4C82-B3E0-BD54725E97F2.jpeg
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    Nov 11, 2007
    googling "IC bass japan" came back with some stuff
  4. I’m going with mid to late 70’s. By the 80’s headstocks weren’t so obviously “Fender-ish”.
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  5. Agree with you. What I've seen only on pre 80s japanese Fender copies is that two pieces of wood are used for the headstocks. We're used to 2,3,4 up to 11 parts (mexican) bodies on Fender basses and guitars, but headstocks made of more than one part seems to be MIJ pre-80s exclusive.
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