I did it! FRETLESS at last! NEW BASS

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by LarryJ, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. LarryJ

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    Dec 12, 1999
    Encino, CA (LA)
    I've been thinkin' about it for awhile- Along with my
    classic, unbelievable vibe/feel/neck '69 P-Bass
    & MM Sterling (sounds SO funky it hertz!)
    I've had a yen for a fretless- Narrowed it down to a Rob Allen, which I think is awesome-HOWEVER-
    Today, while at the LA Bass Exchange, I played & had to have a Rick Turner RB-FL-4-
    I am lovin' it! More fun than sex almost! 1st-thanks to the former owner for keeping it impeccable (it's a '97) & thanx to Long at LABX for having this biz.
    Then thanks to Mr. Turner!
    Oh, man, it brings a new dimension to the sound, what a trip!! WHY did I wait so long?? Anyway, on a serious note, playing the fretless makes me think
    along more musical lines, using glissandos, etc- I become more focused on melodic aspects rather than "sharper" linear passages & lines on fretted-
    Gotta be very cognizant of position too! I highly
    recommend it!
    Ok, thank you for letting me gush for a minute-
    Now, I'm gonna play!!

  2. My feelings exactly!

    Woohoo for you!

  3. Geoff St. Germaine

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    Someone has to say it.

    Pictures? ;)

    Sounds like a great score, congratulations!

  4. LarryJ

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    Dec 12, 1999
    Encino, CA (LA)
    Muchos Gracias! My pleasure!:cool:
    Phew- 3 straight hours of playing on this- I love
    it- it's a challenge even with "ghost" fret lines
    and dots- When I get the glissandos right, it is so beautiful, but gotta be careful- messing up the intonation can totally "remove the groove" -
    I'm all for atonal, modal playing, etc- but you gotta make the bass line enharmonic with the tune, so
    it's a challenge- that's a good thing!
    Question- Since this is the first time I've spent at length working on a fretless- (I've been "old school
    4-string" for many years-that's cool!)--
    When I play fretted the center of tonality is the center of the fret- On this bass, it seems to hit almost on the fretline itself- I've not played upright, but play in positions that are based on scales, and shift up/down the neck- I've been able to adapt this to the Renaissance fretless- It's very easy to play, great neck, great sound with Thomastik's- when it growls, it is so woody, natural,
    organic, yet it can have bite!! I know y'all know what I'm saying! Anyway, any comments on your experiences or transitions appreciated.

    My PC camera sux, so I'm posting the pic from Turner's website www.renaissanceguitars.com
    The instrument I found has a darker hue with very nice binding - I'm not sure what woods, etc-
    When I played the axe, it sang to me, so after a trip to the bank, that was it! I'll worry about it next month (no I won't):D

    Thanks again!
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    Welcome to The Dark Side!

    Forever will it dominate your destiny!