i don’t use my pinky finger most of the time, is this detrimental to my playing??

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    I know as an upright and electric player that many of us who double simply use our upright fingerings (1-2-3&4 together) for a lot of things on electric. It works fine and you can always throw the 4th finger in the mix when you need it. I know I see a lot of patterns bassists use that don't involve the 4th finger. It can be very helpful but certainly you can play your whole career without using the 4th finger that much. I know I did.
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    Learn to use all of the fingers on your fretting hand. You and everyone you ever work with musically will be glad that you have full command of the fretboard/fingerboard. No reason to impose a limitation on yourself right from the start.
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    Detrimental? Likely not. Limiting? Absolutely.
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    Force yourself to use it. You'll be glad you did. I use it and I don't even have to think about it because I had a teacher who insisted on it.
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    It’s essential in my playing! I’m glad I learned to use it.
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  6. Try to use it. With the exception of the trumpet and valve instruments, you are expected to use 4 fingers.. Some trumpet guys use the pinky instead of the ring or both as one unit. Even drummers use it for better stick control . Of course there is Django Reinhart and Tony Iommi but they really had no choice.

    You can use the mitten grip - actually using the palm as your "finger". Double bass layers sometimes use it when they get tired or need a break -whether it's a ballad or just a pedal note.
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    Django Reinhardt used only two fingers. It wasn’t Bass but still. Just sayin’.
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    I didn't use my pinky for about 30 years. The guitarist I had played with since a teen freaked out one day when he noticed I wasn't using it.( He never realized) That was over 20 years ago. I prob. use it Too Much Now !
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    When I first started I never used it, now I do. But oddly as I started using my pinky now I use my ring finger less. It's kind of like I can use all of them, but only need three so one is always going to be left out. Using the pinky is more comfortable because you don't have to reach so far. It's not really like you have to learn to use your pinky, you need to build muscle and dexterity.
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    It would give you more options on your fretting hand, and personally I use it and would recommend it.

    However . . . .

    Every time I saddle up my High Horse and make pronouncements along the lines of 'you can't do that that way', next thing you know, I see someone doing it that (wrong) way and just killing it. So the real advice is do what seems best FOR YOU.
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    And while I’m at it. BB King didn’t play chords.
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    Keep trying. ... On electric bass one finger per fret well get you further faster. ... Even upright player use the pinky, some leave out the ring finger. ... Learning and maintaining the one finger per fret will help you in the future so don't give up.
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    I’m not sure how anyone could think that using 75% of your assets instead of 100% of your assets could NOT be detrimental.
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    I was self taught on electric bass, and finally decided near the end of high school, to take some lessons during the summer. I though I was "good" at that point, was working my way through the tunes in the Real Book, and so forth.

    My teacher took one look at my left hand technique, and said: "You need to start over."

    Now, each teacher has their own idea of what technique to teach, I won't push any specific method. He taught me the 1-2-4 fingering, assuming correctly that I would want to learn upright bass at some point. It was hell. I could already play, but I couldn't play. But I stuck with it, and by the end of the summer, I was back up to speed and had even progressed further.

    I can't say that my technique is the holy grail for electric bass, but I have been playing both electric and upright for 40 years since then with no injuries or discomfort when I play, including extensive jazz soloing. That's something.

    The conventional wisdom among most upright players is that the ring finger is the weakest finger, and 1-2-4 is more ergonomic and safer for most of us. I do know a bassist who destroyed his hands by attempting a 1-2-3-4 fingering system against his teacher's advice. He was on his way towards being a good professional, applying for grad school etc., and had to hang it up.

    So, annoying as it seems, getting on a better track for technique now, rather than later when it is totally ingrained, is my advice.
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  15. madmaskbass


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    I, like many here, taught myself to play bass and learnt some bad lessons. I have committed myself so many times to try to undo the habits and learn the best techniques. I realised after a few really good attempts that because I am too overweight for my arm to sit in a position to allow me to utilise these techniques I was able to move away from the need to do so. I am not saying that I don't use/try to use my pinky. I just stopped worrying about it being the most important thing in getting better at bass. I think that once I realised this I started to find the next level in my playing. It may impede me from being a shred master but it sure doesnt stop me from learning a huge proportion of music.
  16. Ross W. Lovell

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    4 strings, 4 fingers. Discard one or the other.........25% less effective.....your choice.
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    I'm in the "The pinky is important" camp. For one it will save you some stretching on the lower side of the fretboard for 5ths, octaves, or even just whole steps. It isn't hard to wear one's hand out using the ring finger instead of index for this purpose. For two you may run into situations where you need to use a different finger than the most obvious one in order to smoothly transition from one passage to another.

    If you really want to develop your pinky. Make yourself use it. Put in a few months of drills that focus on making you utilize your pinky more than any other finger It is a weak weak little digit and because you are less likely to use it through normal playing, the easiest way to build its strength up is to utilize exercises that make you use it primarily.
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    If you are serious about playing bass and don't have some sort of physical disability, then yes you should definitely be using your pinky. In my opinion it is more valuable than the ring finger.
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    I discovered as I advanced in skill.... that the pinky is required.
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    i do often find myself in whole step bass lines playing index and pinky instead of index and ring finger… but i heard that it was weird to do that and each finger must be for a certain fret so i dropped it mostly