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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by CrazyCajun, Oct 8, 2001.

  1. CrazyCajun

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    Oct 8, 2001
    Hey guys,

    I am a guitar player (8year veteran) in college now for music, and I want to pick up the bass. Problem is I want to get a good bass for not too high of a cost. My price range is under $400 and I want either a 4 or 5 string that I can use for rock and blues gigs. Any recommendations anyone. Thanks alot.

  2. You've come to the right place!!

    ::Yells:: Hey, JT, we have a convert!!

    There are a hell of a lot fo basses to choose from. Fender makes really good products, like the P- and J- basses, which you can acuire for about $400 to $500, depending on what model you get. Ibanez also has soem great stuff for under $500, like the SR400, SR305 and SR300. The 305 is a 5 string, which I think goes for about $380, if memory serves. There are a ton of others, like BC Rich, Jackson, Yamaha, De Armond (A personal fav) and Hamer. Yamaha makes a great little 4 string, the RXB270, which goes for about $250 at GC, and a 5 stringer that goes for around $470.

    Pretty much it's what you think sounds good, so go to your local guitar store and start trying stuff out. It's the onlt rel way to guarantee a good bass and a good buy.

    Oh, and welcome to TB. You'll get addicted soon enough.:D

    Rock on
  3. Hey, CrazyCajun, and welcome to Talkbass. For about $400.00 you should check out any of the MIM(made in Mexico) Fenders, the less expensive Yamahas (the BB4NII sounds great) and give a few Ibanez a listen. I could go on, but, I'll let others offer their advice. I'd also say start out on a 4 string, then after awhile try a 5er and see if you like it.

    Good luck, and welcome aboard.
    Mike J.
  4. jvtwin

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    Jan 26, 2001
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    Ya know, I've heard about this Jack guy but still haven't met em! You sure he's not that big round headed guy?:p

    Buy a good used whatever sounds/feels good to you bass. Most basses in that price range are going to be very similar.

    Your a "newbie" so experiment with whatever you can you hands on and go from there. My first was a Gibson EB3L. Not the greatest but you couldn't beat it for $250.00! I loved that bass for years. (Better recording then live) Now I've jump to Spector (with several basses behind me now) and am looking into a custom made for my next love.

    If you want a name bass I'd suggest sticking to basics (no pun intended) In no certain order:

    1) Fender
    2) Yamaha
    3) Ibenez
    4) G & L
    5) Peavey
    6) Etc.

    Maybe someone's got other choices?
    Good luck and welcome to the low side!
  5. Welcome to Talkbass, Cajun! Good to see you came to your senses and realized who really controls the band. :D

    In your price range, whatever you do, buy used if your gear doesn't absolutely have to be new, (usually my problem).

    The price of admission to high quality basses is above that of the larger, more competitive, guitar market.

    I agree with Eric on the Fenders. I know you've probably been Fenderized to death from your guitar experience, but what can I say? - In our world, the man invented the instrument. (At least you won't hear "Gibson" or "PRS" every time you turn around).
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    Nov 28, 2000
    Kansas City, MO
    Howdy Cajun!
    From one convert to another, welcome... I played gtr for about 12 years, got a hold of a bass and never looked back!
    I really like the Fender MIM stuff... On eBay you could get one for <300$. I even picked up a MIM p bass for 160$. I also like the MIM stuff because I feel you can get more use out of it later as you progress by upgrading the parts. I have an MIM Jazz that I have done quite a little bit of work on, and it is really a nice bass.
    Enough of my babel... enjoy your stay!

  7. hey there Cajun!
    what they all said!
    BTW, I have played quite a few Ibanez Basses and I cant say enough good things about them. Also Fender makes some excellent well priced basses.