I don't know whether my bass is gonna breakin the future because of this. Please help

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    Hey bass fam, am a bit scared about what I'm seeing on my bass and I hope y'all can help me. My yamaha trb 6ii Has a small bump on its neck(circled in green) which is not visible but you can feel it and somehow I get the feeling its one of the truss rod(dual truss rod), some guy tampered with my neck and thats what has happened , i personally had to loosen and it gave a relief sound like it was tied super hard. Am fearing that this bump could later split open ☹️☹️ but so far it doesn't look like it could open up. Please help with some solutions

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    At this point about all you can do is keep monitoring it and watch for a crack. If it does crack, loosen the truss rod and address the crack immediately. Waiting to repair a crack just allows dust and dirt in the crack so it becomes more apparent.
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    And it makes the repair more difficult to do. Unless the dirt is cleaned out any repair is likely to fail.