i dont like the colour of my bass...

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  1. hey. i didnt really know where to stick this thread but oh well. does any one have any good ideas on how to make a bass your board of look cool?

    any ideas at all. you see im getting a new bass for my birthday soon. the bass itself is great. 6 string galveston. im just not too keen on the colour scheme. but with the price tag i could hardly refuse!

    its kind of a staind oil, orangey/brown colour. its listed as "natural stain".

    you have any ideas of what i could do with out it looking tacky and kinda art projectish if you know what i mean?

    i was thinkin of gettin a black pick guard for a bass that aint meant to have one. just sorta screw it on for decoration. what you think? maybe some glow in the dark paint on the fret inlays?

    is their any way i could totally re-colour the bass?

    thanks for any help

  2. Put Down the Paint brush and step away from the bass. Do Not do anything stupid like spraypaint your bass, If you don't like the color deal w/ it , Learn to love it. You will regret it if you do a half a55 job of trying to change the color.


  4. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    Allow me to be the voice of dissent on the sticker issues. I believe he said he DIDN'T want it to look tacky. ;) :)

    I will have to agree with FatFunker on this issue.
  5. hey man

    nice bass!

    FEAR FACTORY!!!!!!!! i love that band so much

    static-x rule too, godsmack im geddin into cuz ive heard some stuff off the "awake" album...they impressed me. and you gotta love pantera of course!!

    turns out you live near my neck of the woods, umm..well done. lol

    tell me...you like system of a down?

    ive got tickets for em in manchester but now there postponed till next year!!! grrrr...that makes me angry....soad rule

    anyway as kool as your bass looks it aint for me...so im still searchin as to what to do...hmm


  6. I didn't have chance to get tickets. They sold out before I got close. I was just gonna get one off a tout for like half price at the venue.

    No matter, I have my Fear Factory tickets, and my Slipknot tickets. The Machine Head ones will be gotten off a tout too. I don't get why they couldn't do Tattoo The Planet in Manchester...:mad:

    And BTW, there's a Shaft sticker on there now too.

    The ultimate in cool!
  7. ooooo

    gotta dig that crazy shaft, lol

    ive got my 'knot tickets too...see ya there dude!

  8. Just play it until all the paint falls off... then pay someone to refinish for you! :p