i don't really miss my tone control...do you?

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  1. about a year ago i took my modded Squier P to my friend's house and we were jamming in his room. well, i turned sideways and my cable got pressed laterally and cracked the pickguard. the shielding held the cracked bits together for maybe 2 weeks, and then it all just crumbled away. i was too cheap/lazy to go out and get a new pickguard so i just stuffed the tone knob under the pickguard(and turned it all the way up) and put the output jack where the tone knob was. i effectively gave it the Mark Hoppus treatment...well anyway, i've been using it like this for a year now and i don't miss it. does anyone else have their bass set up like this?
  2. I wouldn't miss a tone control at all on my J, but for my P, the tone control is 100% essential. I play a lot of old blues, etc, and turn the tone all the way down to Thud.

    Pulling the tone control out of a passive circuit (and the volume control, too) will deliver the very best tone the pickup is capable of producing. Use switches or pull-pot controls to bypass the pots.
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    Bypassing the tone pot on a J reportedly opens up the sound.
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    Sep 26, 2000
    You know, I never really used my tone knobs until I bought a P-Bass. Maybe it's the strings I have, but I have to roll off some treble in order to get my desired tone.
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    oh man, a P with no tone - that's a one trick pony for sure ... Personally I love the tone control on my passive J's. The bridge pup solo'd with the tone rolled off a bit. That is a vital sound for me. YMMV
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    I have a 2 way tone switch on all my basses.
  7. I either have mine on full or 0 (i dont even turn it up on my fretless)

    I only have it on full when im "rocking out" to crap-punk that calls for that pick-tone
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    Feb 18, 2003
    Boy is my face red! I thought tone was in the fingers! :)
  9. Me too.:meh: