I don't think I like the HZ's in my Spector...

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  1. It sounds like they are holding something back...I have the J neck pup with the soapbar bridge configuration, EMG 3-band preamp.
    I can tell you this, too. When I switch from the Spector with the HZ's to my P with DiMarzio SplitP pickups, I have to turn the gain on my amp WAY down. The output from the Spector is seriously lacking, and this is with a brand new battery.
    Any suggestions as far as replacing the pups and/or preamp? I love the playability of this bass, and the tone isn't "bad", but it doesn't seem like it's up to it's full active potential.
  2. Just so you know there is a pickup forum on this site, so that is where this should go...

    And bump, I agree with you. I have a Spector Legend 5 and I want new p'ups and preamp put in, I'm just not sure of what to get, so opinions would be nice.
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    Mar 27, 2002
    I'm not a fan of HZ's myself. I had a Spector Legend for a few brief minutes, and thought the top end on the HZ's was HARSH HARSH HARSH.
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    To me, this sounds like there could be a problem with the preamp. Every Spector I've played has high output. I'd call Spector, they are very helpful there.
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    Swap them out for full active EMGs and an EMG BTS/BTC circuit... :bassist:
  6. What's that gonna set me back? Do you have links to where I can buy them? I'm having trouble finding ordering info...
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    Agreed. I have an NS200Q 6 that I love to death, save for the pickups. Eventually, I'd really like to replace them with better EMGs or even Barts.

    The high end is, as you said, way too harsh.