I finally did it! Should be here in about 6-7 months!

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    Jan 8, 2002
    Ontario, Canada
    I ordered my first Sadowsky! I spoke to Roger on the phone today, went through all of the options, and recorded all of the particulars! It is going to be a Standard 4 string Jazz bass with:

    -Quilted Maple top w. '59 Sunburst finish
    -Swamp Ash body(light)
    -Morado fingerboard
    -Black Hardware
    -Sadowsky hum-cancelling pickups

    It's going to be sweet! I can't wait!!!:D

    I ended up taking that '62 reissue Jazz bass back since "Sadowsky" popped into my mind, but I did end up picking up a Yamaha RBX270 to use until I get the the F-Bass back(from a re-fin). The Yamaha is a great bass! I can't believe how good it sounds acoustically. I bought a set of Bartolini PJ pickups(used) to go along with it, and it sounds wonderful! Check it out:

  2. OUr school has that Yamaha, it's a very nice bass!