I found a recording of me.. at age 8 (dont put this in miscilanious)

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  1. Stupidnick


    Mar 22, 2002
    ...my room...
    i found a recording of me at age 8..
    i was more poliitcal than rage against the machine..
    I had a song called "the bill clinton song"
    the part that i could understand was

    "why did i vote for bill clinton, he never wanted to pay the rent, now i got myself in trouble.. gonna jump over a fence"

    I wanna see Zach De la rocha try to beat that..
    I mean really.. ya know.. i was 8.. and i lost the recording.. they were opressin a youth!
    lol me and my brother also did a version of Gangstas paradice caleld Truckers paradice.. when i was 10 or 11

    "I talk on the CB everynight.. everyone gets areally big fright.. and i gotta say goodnight and stop at a truckstop and get in a fight"
    "been truckin all my life.. livin in the truckers paradice.. its hard on the road sometimes.. livin in a truckers paradice" "tell me.. why are we.. so driving see.. that we have to drive.. just to staaaaaayyyyy alive!?!"

    I loved it when i was young! lol
    about a year ago I made up a nelly dis i dont remember all of it.. but i remembered this one part that was like
    "yo fool.. while you with nsnyc singing.. Bye bye bye im gonna rip that band aid right off ya eye.. "

    heh.. life.. heh..