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I found this online maybe be helpful "How to Share Backline"

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by rtslinger, May 8, 2015.

  1. Band Tips: How to Share Backline
    Remember when your kindergarten teacher told you that you had to share the toys with the other kids during recess? Sharing backline at a music festival with other bands is a little bit like that, but it doesn’t have to be a distressing experience. Here you will find the proper etiquette behind sharing backline so that your and other band’s experiences will be more enjoyable.

    What exactly is backline? Backline includes drums, cymbals, guitar amps, guitar cabinets, bass amps, keyboards, stands, etc. that a band would need to perform on stage. Most music festivals require all bands to pick and choose from the backline equipment they have rented for the headliners.

    Why can’t we just use our own stuff? While many bands might not like having to use unfamiliar gear, it makes sense in a large music festival environment. In this scenario there are multiple bands playing on one stage throughout the day. Sharing backline makes setup and teardown easier for band and crew, shortens the change-over time between bands, and lessens the wait time for the audience. In some cases it can save your band time and money. No more lugging your equipment across the state, nation, or even across borders/oceans for a one-off music festival.

    How do we prepare beforehand? Sit down with all of your band members and come up with wish list of gear that you need. Remember that you will have to be flexible and that the provided backline list might not have everything you initially had hoped for. The best rule of thumb is to choose brands and models that are popular and well-liked because rental companies tend to have these in their inventory.

    What SHOULD we bring? Just because you aren’t going to be bringing your own drums or amps doesn’t mean that you can’t be prepared with other pieces of gear that you are accustomed to. You can bring your own guitars, pedals, cables, vocal microphones, guitar heads, snare drums, cymbals, kick pedals, etc. It’s always a good to bring extra power strips, cables, drumsticks, guitar strings, and some basic tools.

    How can we make setup go as smooth as possible? Get to the venue early. Even though sharing backline does make setup go faster, there are always last minute issues that crop up. Getting there early gives you more time to problem solve. It also doesn’t hurt to get acclimated to the space and organization of the stage so that you know where things are located. You can always help other bands unload and set up as well. You’ll get kudos from other bands and they just might help you out later on.

    Keeping all of these things in mind can help you avoid a nightmare setup experience!
    Hope this helps. Mod please move it if you think it belongs in another place. RTS

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