i get bored easilly

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  1. i've been playing the bass guitar for a while now and all i know right now is a result of my personal determination. Right now i play regularly in a church band and it's like most of what i do is just score out c.d.s or tapes anytime i want to practise on my own, i'm always at a loss. Mostly, all i do is a permutation exercise by gerald veasly then i try the spider exercise by Pattituchi. I always try to practise scales but i seem not to know what i should do. can someone please help me out. I'm tired of the same old routine.:confused:
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    Jan 12, 2001
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    hey cool, a Nigerian! g'day! :)
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    Apr 26, 2000
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    Can you play major and minor scales over 2 octaves in all keys?

    Can you play major, minor, dom7, maj7, aug and dim chord arpeggios over 2 octaves in all keys?

    If not, there's enough to practice for a couple of days anyway :D

    After that, a lot depends on what sort of music you want to play.
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    Sep 18, 2001
    being bored playing the bass....now there is a new concept!!!! ;)
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    Hi and welcome!

    Try to do something new, not only on bass, but in life also.
    New experiences will give you new inspiration.
    New music, book, movies, can widen your horizon.
    Try to play everything you can get your hands on.
    Songs from the radio, songbooks, etc.

    But it can also be good to lay the bass aside for a week or so. When the urge to play kicks in again, it'll feel fresh.
  6. john turner

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    Mar 14, 2000
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    hey kallys'place

    welcome to talkbass!

    here's a website that has a great deal of instructional material available ... www.libster.com . go through all the lessons there, that should help you out some.
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    just set up your amp next to your stereo and play to your favorite bands or even a tape or cd of your own band. thats almost as good as the real thing eccept the cd cant jam with you.;)
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    i know what you mean, playing alone can get real old, real fast.

    refer to my reply in the thread of theory vs. technique poll, but basically, find a friend who can solo at guitar, and make up a cool bass line or two, and just go at it til your shoulder aches.

    making your own music is what should really inspire you to keep playing. everything else is just a precursor to that.

    hang in there

  9. Thanks for posting that link to Libster. I didn't see this one in the talkbass links section. Maybe a thread for new bass sites is in order?