I got a call from the IRS that I was going to be arrested. So I call them back and recorded it.

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  1. I got a recording on my cell phone from the so called IRS saying if I don't call them back I will be arrested in the next 24 hours. So I called the 716 304-9380 number back on another line just to see what would happen. I first pulled out my SM-58 and placed near the speaker phone and turned on the recorder. The first call was disconnected so I called back. The conversation was really bizarre. The conversation went from being an IRS office to being a beer bar in Africa. Anyway...thought you might like to hear the conversation.
    The recording is below.

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    You need to be very very careful about calling those numbers. The scam is that they record your conversation too, and they look for words like "yes" and others that they can then put to a verbal consent to a purchase or some other thing ( but usually a purchase ). My co worker ( and work wife ) has an older brother who fell victim to this scam, although it's point of origin was India.
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    My brother called me and said his wife got a call threatening it was the FBI but when they called a second time he was home and answered the phone. He picked up on broken English and "went there"...
    Paraphrasing, he told them to "vacuum his phallus"
    They haven't called back!:rolleyes:
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    If you do get arrested I know a really good lawyer in Nigeria but I need the money up front.
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    Also when you call back some scam numbers, you're hit with a MASSIVE phone charge on your bill just for dialing the number.
  6. I will check my next phone bill closely. Thanks for the heads up.
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    We have had similar calls stating we had unpaid taxes and needed
    to call back right away, if not we would have to appear before a judge magistrate. lol
    Who says judge magistrate here in the USA ? lol
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    i only accept calls from random people. my bff's are worthless.
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    Bet he's a Prince of a guy.
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    There are magistrate judges in the US.
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    Yes, there was a time about a year ago where I received calls from countries all around the world. I once picked up and only heard Arabic speech or something like that, and sent a text to one of the numbers. Never again. This went on for months where I would sometimes receive multiple calls a day...
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    I love those calls. They get a 95-year-old codger who has never paid taxes because they're unconstitutional. Those clowns don't have any idea what that means. I keep them on the phone as long as possible. You can do this when you're retired.
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    I've had computer scammers before. It's fun 'failing' to run their malware and then saying "it does run on Linux doesn't it?". Sometimes they still persist... Offering QNX as an OS option is fun.
  14. KohanMike

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    I had a call from so called Microsoft tech support, they have detected that my computer needs to be cleared of malware. I knew it was a scam because I have a Mac, for over 30 years. I acted like I knew nothing about computers was was very concerned. I had him go through his entire script working through the operating system, preferences folder, etc. for about 25 minutes when he finally realized he wasn't getting anywhere and just hung up.

    Then there's the call from the police saying your grandson or granddaughter has been arrested and a certain amount of bail has to be submitted to get them released. They put on a young person who gets you to say the name of the child, which is a way to tighten the noose in the conversation.
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    My dad was a pro at keeping solicitors on the phone. He would get calls for obviously bogus credit cards and just talk to them for like 30min before asking if he could use his new credit card from jail. Those were hillarious listening on speaker or the 2nd phone (when houses had phones and stuff). Love my dad. He still has a great don't give an eff kinda sense of humour. Great guy. Lame scammers.
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    My son works for a company that makes calls when people's alarms of various kinds go off - like Life Alert, the "I've fallen and I can't get up" people? That's my son on the phone. When we get a call from some random number, he says, "Thank you for calling emergency elevator response services, this is Will on a recorded line, what is the nature of the emergency?" And proceeds to pretend they're stuck in an elevator until they hang up.
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