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I got a new gig!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by lildrgn, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. lildrgn


    Jul 11, 2000
    Seattle, WA
    Like the rest of you TBers, I'm a bass player. I've been playing now for almost 20 :eek: years. During that time, I've played in many bands, from quite bad, to quite good. The past few years I played in a band called Ethyl, which then morphed into a band called StarChief. Both were pretty good bands. We did ok playing out. Never really broke through and developed a loyal following, but we managed to impress people when we played.

    A few months ago, one of my guitarists/singers, Johnny, decided to move away to AZ. That left 3 of us, which was still a functioning band, but the entire dynamic changed. We continued to rehearse, with me doing the backing vocals that Johnny used to do. I was content doing the three piece thing. My drummer, however, was a little less certain. He told us one night that he wanted to move on. At that point, I was kind of on the fence too. Priorities have changed. I went and had myself a family and, at 32, I don't have as much time as I used to have to devote to music. Looking at the possibility of being a bass player in a guitar/bass duo was uninspiring to me. Looking at doing drummer auditions appealed to me even less. What it did inspire me to do, though, was put out a "bassist available" ad in the local arts rag.

    Reading through some of the ads at The Stranger can be entertaining. You have all sorts of people wanting to hook up. I put a few lines and a link to a free website I set up. On that site I outlined exactly what I was looking for, basically to weed out the hacks that inevitably would answer the ad. There were a couple of song samples of my work. I figured that it might limit the responses I got, but the responses I'd get would be decent. Little did I know that most bands didn't care what I was looking for; if I was a bass player, I was getting a solicitation. Ugh.

    A few weeks into it, as I'm still playing with StarChief, I get an email from a guy in Tacoma in a band called Lund Bros. I jump over to Google and do a search (the Lund Bros.com website wasn't up then) and find some of their music. Keep in mind, now, on my ad, I'd stated that I was looking for a pop/rock band, like Weezer, or the Posies, or Cheap Trick. I'd been getting responses from drop-D rockers, Blondie tribute bands (no joke!) and other junk. When I heard the Lunds' stuff, I was in love. This was it. I emailed him back right away and let him know I was interested.

    We exchanged a few emails and set up an audition. I ordered their CD from CDbaby.com and, upon receipt, went to work learning the 6 songs they wanted. Finally, when the audition date came, I made the 40 mile trek to Tacoma. Chris (guitar) and Sean (drums) were quite nice and friendly and I went in and smoked the audition. I had the songs down, as well as the vox they wanted me to learn. We played for about 1.5hrs and called it a nite. They were pretty positive about what I did. Having been on the other side of band auditions, it's hard to be not excited when the "right" guy finishes playing, but they kept it pretty cool. I just know I did well.

    A few days later, I got a follow up email inviting me out again. The next day, I got a CD with 6 more songs and I went to work. This last Wednesday, I headed down again and did well, but not as well as the first time. Nevertheless, I figured that if I didn't get the gig, they must have had a KILLER player auditioning. They said I did good and they'd get back to me in a few days.

    Fast forward to this morning. I see an email from Chris and open it up. Good news! They need a bass player and I guess it's me! I'm pretty excited about this. There's a gig lined up in July/August for a pop festival in L.A. called the International Pop Overthrow. We'll be playing that with a bunch of similar bands (pop/rock/melody). That should be a kick in the ass.

    So it's kind of back to Square One for me, but, with a band that has about 50 or songs in its arsenal. The Lunds harmonize like songbirds and rock like Bob Rock. It's great.

    Now, what to do about StarChief? Part of the allure of the Lunds is that they only practice once a week. Heck. When you know the stuff, you really don't need more than that. Plus, more than once a week to Tacoma would really be pushing it for me. With SC, we were doing twice a week. Brett (the SC singer/guitarist) knows I've been auditioning and has been very cool about it. He's hinted, however, that if I get the Lund Bros. gig that maybe I could stay with SC. It'd still be only twice a week, but, at this point, the SC ship has sailed. I'll have to let him down gently; he's a big softy and a great guy, but I gotta go.

    Whoo. Thanks for reading. Check out the Lund Bros. stuff. Let me know what you think.