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i got a question...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by matt_dutyfree, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. I play alot of gigs with a number of bands on the line up, the deal often is, you bring your amp head and use our cab(s). This saves time micing up and also it's easier to take your equipment to the gig ie you only gotto take a head not a whole rig...

    i'm looking at getting the ashdown MAG 300 and i was wondering if this would compete with a big cab say and 8*10.

    i've never really had the chance to try it and i wanna know what to expect.

    i can't afford too much but i want an amp that has a fair amount of watts (ie i can play thorugh a big rig when i need to) but some thing i can also afford cabs for!

    I also live in england so having ashdown is an advantage as getting it serviced is easier! otherwise i'd go the new behringer head!

    any help much appreciated!

    ps i'm not expecting it to sound perfect!
  2. xb100


    Mar 24, 2004
    NH, In
    Im preatty sure that would be ok dont get me wrong 300 watts is loud. If its not loud enough i believe the head has a line out, so you could hook up to the PA if needed.

  3. through the PA if needed? - I won't play UNLESS I'm in the PA!

    As for the Mag300 cuttin' the gig...I wouldn't bet on it. (I'm just guessing that since there's an 8x10 in the picture that they're expecting a lot of stage volume.) Solid state 300 ain't the same as 300 tube watts. (Which IMO STILL isn't anything to write home about. It would be better if they had a smaller cab that you could raise to ear level (for your own personal monitoring)...and like I said before, let PA handle the air moving!
  4. yea i'm expecting to have to DI for the pa... i'm not expecting to be using a huge cab all the time. myslef i'm gonna buy ashdowm MAG cabs, it's just for gig swaps, will i be able to plug my MAG 300 into a "bigger" cab.. (not always a huge rig) and hear on stage whilst also feeding the pa for the crowds benefit! i'd also have stage moniters so i'd know roughly whats coming outta the pa
  5. Yeah, if I had my choice, I'd always like to play thru more cabs (speakers) at lower volumes rather than say a single cabinet capable of 900 watts. More speakers just seems to envelop the tone better. BUT that generally means a more beefy power supply. You have to be careful with trying to make a smaller amp do a bigger job than its designed for. If you push the smaller amp to produce distortion, it is possible to damage speakers at (relatively) moderate volumes. But the MAG will operate with the big cab...I'd just be sure to keep my preamp volume at or below 6. The master can be wide open though.
  6. Isn't there an 8x10 Combo in the Ashdown range? That oughta do you fine for the stage volume.
  7. Yeah, they actually do. It was supposed to be Mark King's setup, but he went with Ashdown Labs (I guess a subsidiary co.) signature series; but as I understand they've kept it in their lineup. That 8x10 is coupled with the ABM 500 amp though...and considerably pricy-er than the MAG series.
    That company comes up with more stuff...funky configurations and combos, etc.