I got my NL-210!!!

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  1. I've been asking a lot of questions on this cab lately. I couldn't justify buying a new one since I already have 2 CXL112s, but managed to find a demo on eBay from HEL Music. I won the auction the same morning our friend Steve Clark posted his demo up for sale. Regardless, I got a very sweet deal on a great cab. I had it shipped to a friend's place since he works from home (I can't receive packages at work). He delivered it to me yesterday. I didn't have a chance to try it out yet, but will do so tomorrow night. I will quickly try it out on its own, but will likely used it with the TWO CXL112s, just this once. :eek: The biggest surprise was that it arrived in a padded EA cover, so I saved another $75 and won't have to wait for one. It also came with the pull-out dolly. I'm happy but can't wait to try it out. :hyper:

    BTW, the gig tomorrow night will be for a Xmas party for a high-tech company with approx. 150 in attendance. We will only bring a the small PA, so I think I will let me little rig carry the room. I'll take pictures.

    Anyway, thanks to all that provided advice, comments, reviews, and all the GAS inducers that have chimed in before before I purchased. Notably, Steve , Tom, Joker, Mike, etc.

    P.s. I also bought something else a couple days ago... should be here next week... will be posting in the "Basses" forum. :D

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    Happy to help! I look forward to hearing how you like this cab!

  3. Steve Clark

    Steve Clark

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    Rocky, look forward to a report. Glad you found what you were looking for. And a good deal to boot.
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    steve, just saw your floor demo blowout. holy crap, somebody's gonna get a great deal. :cool: