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I got the Peavey last night...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by GeorgiaHonk, May 5, 2004.

  1. The first component of my new bass rig is finally here. I'd been looking around for a while and had decided that the MAX 450 was the amp I wanted. I mostly chose it for the features-to-price ratio, and for Peavey's reputation for making durable, practically bulletproof gear. I've got no problem with the lack of brand-name mojo either, 'cause I happen to really like the tone of the Peavey bass amps I've played.

    I found a store that was blowing out a new one at a substantial discount, about $120 less than the next cheapest quote I had gotten. I was skeptical, but figured it was worth the trip over. When I got to the store, I was shocked that it actually was what the sales guy had said on the phone: a new Max 450 for $300. I grabbed the only P-bass they had (a Squire) and played the head through a Hartke 1X15 Transporter and an Ampeg 4X10. After about twenty minutes of thumping and twiddling with knobs, I was satisfied that it was in good working condition and would provide all the tones I needed.

    The plan to complete the rig is to get a couple of 4-ohm cabinets (an Avatar 2X12 is probably going to be my next purchase, then later the nicest used 1X15 I can find) and a SansAmp Bass Driver/Direct Input pedal. I've got a couple of items to sell to help raise the cash for this venture, but I've got time so I can shop at a leisurely pace. It sure paid off last night.

  2. if you bought the one off the floor, that is an explanation as to why it is cheaper. probably when the sales guy told you they're discontinuing, he meant the store, not the company.

    congratulations! i had a lot of fun with my P in the lab playing the new max heads through an 810TX. that is first time i've found a contour or enhance knob useful. it actually sounded good between 0 and 5.

  3. You might also think about the Peavey 410TVX cab - I have one that I drive w/ a Firebass 700 (in 4ohm mode) and it's a great versatile cab. Also has WAY lower lows then the Avatar B210s (2) I used to use... Not trying to talk you out of the Avatars - they're really great cabs...just throwing out some options!